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Browsermodifier Win32 SupTab “Virus” Removal

Welcome, reader, to our Browsermodifier Win32 SupTab “Virus” removal guide. The following instructions will aid you in removing the unwanted software from your PC.

Remove Browsermodifier Win32 SupTab “Virus” in no time and protect your PC from this intrusive Adware in the future!

Intrusive online ads can be a major pain in the neck, especially if you are trying to get something done on your PC and you need the help of your browser. Unfortunately, there is a myriad of programs that specialize in the generation and display of obstructive browser adverts, pop-ups that tend to greatly reduce the quality of your browsing experience and affect all your browsers (Firefox, Chrome, IE, etc.). One such piece of software is Browsermodifier Win32 SupTab “Virus” and in this article we will provide you with some essential information that you need to know about it. This article and the guide below it were created with help from the people at and their Browsermodifier Win32/Suptab post.

Adware’s goal

Adware programs in general are all about the ads they display. This is their primary purpose; therefore, adware developers make sure that their products excel at flooding your screen with all sorts of intrusive pop-ups, banners, box messages, etc. The reason why those ads are so incredibly bothersome lies in a revenue-earning method known as pay-per-click. Through this infamous scheme, developers of ad-generating software are able to gain vast amounts of money from their products. The more clicks those adverts receive, the greater the revenue gained and the more the ads displayed on your screen, the higher the chance of you interacting with any of them. Certain Adware programs might even hold some kind of a useful function, so that the user might actually allow them to remain on their PC. However, this is hardly a fair trade – no program is worth putting up with, if it covers your browser with a thick wall of rage-inducing adverts that hinder your whole working process. For that reason, right below this article you can find a removal guide that will aid you in eliminating the invasive piece of software for good.

Are Adware programs harmful to the user’s PC?

Quite often when faced with Browsermodifier Win32 SupTab “Virus”, users panic thinking that their machine has been invaded by some kind of nasty virus or some other kind of a malicious program. Surely, Adware is not a nice thing to have, however, it certainly does not fall under the category of harmful and dangerous programs like, for example, Ransomware, Malware or Trojans. In fact, most adware applications are quite safe and harmless to the user’s system. It’s just that they are so incredibly obstructive and aggravating that makes them unwanted. Anyway, if you’re currently facing a program of this type, know that there’s probably no reason to worry. As we already said, there’s a huge difference between actual viruses and damaging programs, such as the infamous Ransomware that can lock you out of all you files, and annoying pieces of software like Browsermodifier Win32 SupTab “Virus”.

However, despite its rather non-threatening nature, Adware remains an unwanted piece of software and should be treated as such. Even though it might not directly damage your machine, it might still have some negative effects on it and perform certain questionable tasks. For example, some of the ads you see displayed on your monitor are at times capable of redirecting your browser to websites, which might turn out to be illegal and sometimes even dangerous. Few adware programs do that, yet still it is a real possibility and should not be taken lightly. Another possibility is that the Adware might cause a significant slowdown of your PC’s productivity, due to the high CPU and RAM usage required for the constant generation of ads. One more obscure trait of this type of unwanted programs is the fact that they might actually attempt to track your browsing history, so as to modify the ads they display to you, making them appear more appealing to the specific user. This is, on its own, a privacy invasion and one more reason to get rid of the Adware as soon as possible.

How did the adware get installed in your machine’s system?

When it comes to Adware, there are quite a few methods employed for its distribution. There are the spam e-mails and the deceitful links on some of the shadier sites of the internet. There are also the torrent files and the file-sharing websites. However, the method that probably landed you Browsermodifier Win32 SupTab “Virus” is referred to as file-bundling. With this technique, the Adware gets inside your PC by being combined with some other program that you might have installed. That is why in order to avoid such things in the future, make sure that from now on you utilize the advanced configuration settings, every time you are about to install any new software program, especially if it is a form of freeware. This should certainly reduce the chances of you catching Adware.

Browsermodifier Win32 SupTab “Virus” Removal

I – Uninstallation

  1. Use the Winkey+R keyboard combination, write Control Panel in the search field and hit enter.
  2. Go to Uninstall a program under Programs.
  3. Seek the unwanted software, select it and then click on Uninstall
    1. If you are unable to spot Browsermodifier Win32 SupTab “Virus”, search for any unrecognized programs that you do not remember installing on your PC – the unwanted software might disguise itself by going under a different name.

II – Safe mode and revealing hidden files

  1. Boot your PC into Safe Mode /link/
  2. Reveal hidden files and folders /link/

III – Cleaning all your browsers

  1. Go to your browser’s icon, right-click on it and select Properties.
  2. Go to the Shortcut tab and in the Target make sure to delete anything written after “.exe”.
  3. Now, open your browser and follow the instructions below depending on whether you are using Chrome, Mozilla or IE.
  1. Go to your browser’s main menu located in the top-right corner of the screen and select Settings.
  2. Scroll down, click on Show Advanced Settings and then select Clear browsing data. Just to be sure, tick everything and clear the data.
  3. Now, in the left pane, go to Extensions and look through all extensions that are integrated within your browser. If you notice any suspicious add-on, disable it and then remove it.
  1. Similarly to Chrome, go to the main menu and select Add-ons and then Extensions.
  2. Remove any suspicious browser extensions that you may have even if they do not have the name Browsermodifier Win32 SupTab “Virus” on them.
  1. Go to Tools and select Manage add-ons.
  2. Click on all add-on types from the left pane and check if there is anything suspicious in the right panel. In case you find anything shade, make sure to remove it.

IV – Removing Shady processes

  1. Go to your start menu, type Task Manager in the search field and from the results open View running processes with Task Manager.
  2. Thoroughly look through all processes. The name Browsermodifier Win32 SupTab “Virus” might not be there, but if you notice any shady looking process that consumes high amounts of memory it might be ran by the unwanted program.
  3. If you spot the process ran by Browsermodifier Win32 SupTab “Virus”, right-click on it, open its file location and delete everything in there. Then go back to the Task Manager and end the process.

V – DNS check

  1. In the start menu search box write View Network Connections and open the first result.
  2. Right-click on the network connection you are using and go to Properties.
  3. Select Internet Protocol Version (TCP/IPv4) and click on Properties.
  4. If Obtain DNS server addresses automatically is not checked, check it.
  5. Go to Advanced and select the DNS If there is anything in the DNS server addresses field, remove it and click OK.
  6. Click OK on the rest of the opened windows.

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