Browser hijackers can be the most annoying thing ever, especially when one finds its way on your android smartphone or tablet. Today we’re discussing a certain browser hijacker called Com.master.wallet Android Virus. It’s one of the newest versions of this type of software, but the symptoms are the same with pretty much any other variant: a changed homepage and possibly also search engine within your default browser, as well as numerous online ads, both within your browser and potentially also outside it. In the following few lines we will aim to explain what purpose Com.master.wallet Android Virus serves and what concerns you ought to have with it. In addition, at the end of it all we will show you how to remove this browser hijacker from your portable device.

What does Com.master.wallet Android Virus do and why is it on your phone/tablet?

Programs of this type are used as online marketing tools with the intention of promoting certain products and services by means of displaying popups, banners, new tabs and other online ads on the screen of your device. On the one hand, the distributors of the products and providers of the advertised services benefit from gaining more exposure. But on the other, the developers of programs like Com.master.wallet Android Virus benefit just as much, in fact – directly from the users’ interaction with the ads on their screens. This is possible through methods like the Pay Per Click scheme and other similar remuneration models.

Unfortunately, however, those tend to breed certain practices that many users and security experts alike disagree with. For one, browser hijackers like this one can often look through your browsing history to extract certain data from it, like the kind of content you tend to like and share on social media platforms, for example. They can also record the websites you visit and take special note of those you spend the most time on and/or favorite. All of this data can allow the hijacker to modify its flow of ads and try to relate to your preferences.

This, as well as the fact that programs of this type have the potential of exposing your device to various threats, like ransomware and Trojan horse viruses, is often the underlying reasons why people prefer to get rid of programs like Com.master.wallet Android Virus. And once you’ve done the same, you might want to research the apps you would like to download from now on. Browser hijackers come integrated with them, so it’s best to know beforehand if a certain app has a hijacker in it.

Com.master.wallet Android Virus Removal


Regardless of the type of browser you are currently using, be it the default “Internet” App or another one, such as Google Chrome, head over to:
Settings/More/Application Manager/All

Find the Browser or the App you’re using and tap on it.


Here you will basically be doing the same thing if you’re using the “Internet” App, or a different browser of your choice, such as Chrome or others. However, below are instructions for both cases:

For user of the “Internet” App:

Tap the Force Stop button.

Move down and tap the Clear Data and Clear Cache Buttons.

For Google Chrome Users:

Tap on  Force Stop.

Then tap on the buttons labelled as Clear Data and Clear Cache.


Restart your browser. You might want to consider rebooting your Android device, as well.

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