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Get rid of AdClick “Virus”

How does AdClick “Virus” work? Adware stands for advertising-supported software and is classed as anything that renders adverts on your PC to generate money for whoever it is advertising for. Adverts through this method become very obtrusive and can often… Continue Reading →

How To Remove Smart New Tab “Virus”

What you should know about  Smart New Tab “Virus”   Smart New Tab “Virus”  characteristics and how did I get it All adware programs are an annoyance for the users and  Smart New Tab “Virus”  is no exception. With its obstructive… Continue Reading →

How To Get rid of Trusted Surf

How To Get rid of Trusted Surf According to security experts, Trusted Surf is being classified, not as a virus, but as an adware. What is the difference? Well, an adware is a non-malicious piece of programming code that does… Continue Reading →

How To Remove Albireo “Virus”

What is Albireo “Virus” Have you ever come upon messages on your computer claiming that you won a prize, e-mails with no certain recipient and no purpose, discount coupons for the most frequently visited online shops etc.? Do pop-up or banner… Continue Reading →

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