Windows 10 PC build 14393.351 now available on both the Slow and Release Preview rings!

Windows 10 PC build 14393.351 now available on both the Slow and Release Preview rings!


A new cumulative update for Windows 10 PC has just been released by Microsoft. Packed with a number of fixes and improvements, this update, named KB3197954, comes with build number 14393.351. And while the world is still busy discussing the latest announcements from the Windows 10 Creative Update on the Microsoft event of October 26th, here we have listed the most important issues that have been fixed with the Windows 10 PC build 14393.351, which was released yesterday:

  • The Windows 10 PC update comes with improved reliability for Internet Explorer 11, Start, File Explorer, action center, graphics, and the Windows kernel.
  • The issue that was causing System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) Management Console to crash in State view has been addressed.
  • Addressed connectivity issue from a 32-bit application to a Remote Desktop Gateway that doesn’t have HTTP tunneling enabled.
  • The issue of updates not being restored when doing a system reset, even if those updates were permanently installed, has also been addressed.
  • An issue that was causing domain logon attempts to be unsuccessful on Windows 10 Pro after upgrading from Windows 10 Home has also been resolved.
  • The issue that was causing failed logon counts of non-admin users without network logon permissions to be counted as cumulative, resulting in devices going into BitLocker recovery more frequently – also addressed.
  • Also, improved support for websites has been added, by updating the HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) preload list.
  • Improved support for IT administrators using Group Policy to block users trying to update their operating system from Windows Update.
  • The new update also gives better stability and reliability of the notification framework for allowing contextual notifications in File Explorer.
  • An issue that wasn’t allowing System Center Configuration Manager to perform inventory uploads via Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) when Encrypting File System (EFS) is disabled has also been addressed.
  • Additional issues with USB, Wi-Fi, Microsoft Edge, clustering, Internet Explorer 11, licensing, setup, graphics, PowerShell, Component Object Model (COM), Windows kernel and Bluetooth have also received some fixes for better performance.

The Windows 10 PC build 14393.351 has been around for only a couple of hours and has been released to PC Insiders on the Slow and Release Preview rings. Here you can check the official announcement of the update.

Microsoft Windows 10 October event – the highlights!

Microsoft Windows 10 October event – the highlights!

This year’s Microsoft Windows 10 Event was among the most exciting happenings in the tech world. And in case you missed it, here is a handy list of its most prominent moments.


Let’s sum up the highlights at a glance: The main focus of Windows 10 Creators Update was in the 3D content creation that will be available for mass usage. Gamers were presented with High-end gaming, custom tournaments, and Dolby Atmos that are coming to Xbox. An update for the Surface Book was released. And a new Surface Studio was announced.

Windows 10

The latest Microsoft update that was presented on October 26th, collected all the attention of the tech circles. The company’s emphasis was made on sharing and connecting, where some great new communication apps were presented. The highlights were on the MyPeople task bar app that allows users to communicate through a simple appр and an SMS Relay feature, which makes it possible to view and reply to texts from your laptop.

3D visualization

The most exciting announcement on the event was the upcoming Creators Update and its huge focus on the 3D visualization tools. Paint 3D, a glimpse of which was released a few weeks before the Windows 10 event, now allows users to create 3D content with some simple tools and brushes. Using just your phone will now be enough to create a full 3D model, which is extremely easy to customize and work with. Isolating objects from photographs and replacing them with a new background or another image is now easier than ever with the new digital art app. New selection tools such as Doogle can now help you turn any 2D sketch into 3D and different pens allow you to work on the 3D object to customize it as you wish.

Another interesting feature that enables users to scan real-work objects to the new Remix3D community makes it easier for anyone to design 3D images on their own. The members of Remix 3D will be able to share 3D models and find others to use in their own work. The best thing is that these models can also be printed with 3D printers.

A long awaited Office update was also announced, which includes 3D imaging and transitions in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, so you can play around with your graphics and present them in any way you choose. However, the preview version is only available to US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

A step into Virtual Reality

During the event, Microsoft announced that it is currently working with Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus, and Acer to release several standalone VR headsets. Their expected starting price would be about $299.
A HoloTour app, originally developed for HoloLens, was also announced. It enables users to take Street View-like trips all around the world.

Xbox One S with three new features

Gamers are sure to love the Creators Update on the Xbox One S. Windows 10 will now let you broadcast gameplay live with just the press of a button.

Players now have the opportunity to create custom tournaments and challenges against your friends with Arena on Xbox Live. The Xbox gaming features are now available on the desktop with Xbox Play Anywhere program. It allows you to buy a single game on Windows or Xbox and play it on either system.
The company announced also a free update, adding Dolby Atmos playback via bitstream audio pass-through.

Surface Book updates

A flurry of updates surrounding Surface was presented on the event, however, none of them were meant for the Surface Pro tablet. Still, the new Surface Book i7 with its 13.5 million pixel display, twice the graphics power, a second fan, and a battery life of 16 hours is one decent gadget.

The Surface Studio announcement


Among the most exciting announcements was the Surface Studio – an all-in-one touchscreen device, created to meet all the needs of its users. With the tiniest LCD monitor to date, and billions of colors, accompanied by an i7 processor, two fans for cooling, 32 GB of RAM and aluminum chassis, Surface Studio was surely the cherry on the cake of the Windows 10 October event.

Do you find the Windows 10 Creators Update exciting? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Microsoft’s Groove Music Maker – Apple’s GarageBand competitor?

Microsoft’s Groove Music Maker – Apple’s GarageBand competitor?


Yesterday, Microsoft’s event in New York City was packed with news and went all under the spotlights of all the major media outlets. The focus of the event was mostly on creativity, and based on what we saw, it looks like Microsoft has put its highlights on the new tools for three-dimensional creation.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Creator Edition is about to be released for testing to the Insiders this week and this time, Microsoft’s team wants to provide us with all the cool tools that can enable us to create anything we desire. It’s true that 2D creation isn’t something new, but when it comes to 3D, the choice for the right tools isn’t that easy. And while 3D animation and scans require some specialized and complex software, hardware and skills,  Windows 10 Creator Edition is going to make a big step towards making 3D content creation easily available.

However, apart from the three-dimensional tools announcements, there is another very interesting tool that seems it didn’t get enough of the attention on yesterday’s event – the Groove Music Maker app. This new tool that may make the work of musicians way easier was presented only for a few brief seconds in the trailer of the Windows 10 Creator Edition. What it indicates, however, is that Microsoft is planning to try its hand with some music creation software.


Presently, one of the most popular apps for music creation is the GarageBand app, which is available exclusively to Apple’s Mac computers. This is a powerful digital audio workstation, which enjoys a lot of interest, and until now Microsoft has not come up with competing software, but that may change soon.

The Groove Music Maker app may be that competitor. From what is visible in the short clips, this app comes with  features, such as track layering, audio sampling, BPM controls and even microphone recording. And even though it is hard to judge only by the brief trailer, it does seem quite simple to work with, compared to GarageBand or even other music creation software such as Audacity. However, this is just a glimpse of its functionalities and we will probably need to wait a bit more until Microsoft decides to demonstrate its full capabilities on stage.

When this is expected to happen for now remains completely unknown, but the short peek that Microsoft gave at the Groove Music Maker app at the NYC event is probably an indication of what the company is cooking up and we will hopefully see it soon in one of the next big announcements.


Another Samsung Device On Fire – the Galaxy S7 Edge Burst Into Flames While Being Charged.

Another Samsung Device On Fire – the Galaxy S7 Edge Burst Into Flames While Being Charged.

Just when we thought that the Samsung saga with the burning Galaxy Note 7 was over, another device distributed by the company caught fire. This time a problem appeared with the Galaxy S7 Edge.

The incident with the burning Galaxy S7 Edge has been recently reported by PhoneArena, which has received this information from a loyal reader. The source, who requested his anonymity to be kept, told about a customer, who came to the retailer with a burnt S7 Edge phone, which he had received just two weeks back. The phone had been received as a replacement for the Galaxy Note 7. However, as per the customer’s words, the new S7 Edge phone caught fire while being charged with an OEM charger. The owner reported that while the device was left for charging overnight, it suddenly burst into flames.


Unfortunately, this is not the first time when users report incidents with Galaxy S7 Edge. A few weeks ago, another case with this phone came out to the public where a smartphone user sued Samsung for physical injuries, caused by Galaxy S7 Edge. The phone suddenly caught on fire in the owner’s pocket and left him with severe skin burns. A similar case has been reported in the Philippines, where a mother signalized that her own S7 Edge burst into flames, while her daughter was using it.

These three incidents, however, are certainly not enough to accuse S7 Edge of being as dangerous as the exploding Galaxy Note 7. The Korean phone producer has not come up with official comments on these most recent burning smartphone incidents yet, but the investigations are on their way. A formal statement and comment from Samsung is expected to be released when the analysis of these three cases identifies the real reasons that may have caused the smartphones to catch fire. Having in mind that S7 Edge has been on the market for more than six months now, there probably is no reason to worry about a wave of suddenly exploding devices of this model. At least, not until more evidence comes into play.

Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update – Release Date (October Update)

Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update – Release Date

We want to share everything we know about the highly anticipated Pokemon Go Gen 2 Update!


Among the things that the Pokemon fans are expecting the most is the Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update Release Date. However, Niantic doesn’t seem to reveal any official details, but what they do is, they love giving buzz and hints about it. If you are a keen Pokemon fan and you are eager to know what is coming, this article may give you an insight.

When will Pokemon GO Gen 2 be released?

As many gamers and fan hubs suspect, the most probable release date of the Pokemon GO Gen 2 update could be sometime next year. The buzz actually started after Niantic released two fresh new features – the more structured gym system and the Catch Bonus System. Actually, the idea about the Go Gen 2 update came from the designer and narrative creator in Niantic – Raza Ahmad, and it seems that the studio is now working hard on releasing it.

What new Pokemon will come with Pokemon GO Gen 2?

Many of the fans are trying to guess what the Gen 2 update will bring
as new features and probably new creatures as well. However, who knows if they can guess what the team is cooking up! From the many posts and publication updates coming one after another, it came clear that we should expect from the upcoming update to feature more evolutions, especially for the Gen 1 Pokemon. For example, what has been revealed is that Onix will be getting his Steelix and Oddish to Bellossom but these are just a few of the many evolutions that the Pokemon Go community will be getting.

The arrival of the Legendary birds in Pokemon GO Gen 2

The arrival of the Legendary birds is one of the most expected features of Pokemon GO Gen 2 update. It is believed that the birds will be introduced in the Mystic, Instinct and Valor teams. The fact that no one has ever owned such birds makes it even more exciting to wait for the update.

Trading system in Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update

Ok, so the Trading system is really a turning stone in Pokemon GO. The primary concept of this feature is to give the players the chance to communicate with other players and do business. Unfortunately, similar to many other features in the Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update, the details about this one are yet to be revealed.

Pokemon GO Gen 2 is expected to come with Android Wear Support Feature

Another feature, that has been expected for long is the Pokemon GO Android Wear support. Basically, this is a wearable tech that operates exactly the same as the Apple Watch version. Cool isn’t it? So this gadget may arrive along with the release of another even more exciting feature – the PvP Battles. The players have been wanting to do battles with other players for long, not just doing it on gyms, and Niantic seems to come up with this features in the long expected GO Gen 2 update.

Pokemon Go Gym Guide, General Hints and Tips

Does all this sound exciting to you? What else do you expect in the coming release? Just feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Fixes and issues in Windows 10 build 14951

Fixes and issues in Windows 10 build 14951

What’s new in the build?


The latest preview build of Windows 10 PC and Windows 10 Mobile has been released for the fast ring Insiders just yesterday. And as usual, along with it comes a list of improvements and fixes, as well as known issues to be aware of. Here we’ve summed up the most interesting highlights of the freshly released Windows 10 preview build 14951:

Improvements and Fixes for PC

  • The blue screen issue for PCs in Connected Standby, such as Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 has been fixed. 
  • Gamers will surely greet this build with excitement, as there are some fixes in the installations of some games from the Store such as Forza Horizon 3, Gears of War (and some 3rd party games) failing to install with error code 0x80073cf9.
  • Launching larger Store games such as ReCore, Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3, Killer Instinct and Rise of the Tomb Raider will now have no issues with the new build. The incorrect snapping of the console window (which hosts Command Prompt, PowerShell, and other command-line utilities) between two monitors with different DPI scaling has been fixed, too.
  • All agenda items in the taskbar’s Clock and Calendar flyout will now match their respective calendar’s colors, instead of using the primary calendar’s color.
  • The Add PIN button in Settings > Accounts > Sign-in Options that sometimes unexpectedly grayed out for domain-joined devices has received a fix, too.
  • The Groove crashing when you try to reorder the songs in a very large playlist has also been solved.
  • An update in the migration logic has been made and now it includes custom scan code mappings. That means that going forward from this build, if you’ve used Registry Editor to remap certain keys (for example, Caps Lock key to null), that change will persist across upgrades.
  • The Adobe Photoshop Express crashing after clicking on the ‘correct’ button when trying to edit a cropped image has been fixed.

If you would like to check them all, here is the full list of fixes.

Improvements and Fixes for Mobile

  • The French keyboards (with the exception of French (Canada), for which these rules don’t apply) have been updated to the French punctuation rules.
  • A fix for the issue resulting in the Camera shutter sounds entry missing from the Sounds Settings page via Settings > Personalization > Sounds has been provided.

These are the known issues for PC as of now:

  • If you can’t sign into apps such as Feedback Hub, Groove, MSN News, etc. with your Microsoft Account when you sign out or get signed out of these apps, this is an issue related to the latest build. You can contact Microsoft through the forums if this happens to you.
  • You may experience a crash while using the protractor in Sketchpad. Microsoft is working on a fix.
  • A 3rd party antivirus product installed on your computer may prevent your PC from completing the update to the latest build and could cause a roll-back to the previous build.

And the known issues for Mobile:

  • The same problem with signing into apps such as Feedback Hub, Groove, MSN News, etc. with your Microsoft Account if you sign out or get signed out of them is also with the Mobile build. Contact the Microsoft team with feedback if you experience this issue.
  • Microsoft is also warning that when rebooting a phone on this build and Build 14946 from last week, the device may get “stuck” on the blue Windows logo screen during the boot cycle. They have identified 2 bugs causing this issue and working to check in fixes soon. However, being “stuck” is only temporary. Depending on which device you have, your phone may be in this stuck state for 20-30 minutes, but it will eventually progress to the Lock screen. There is no permanent impact from these 2 bugs, just an unexpectedly long boot time. Please don’t reset your device! It’ll take longer to reset the device, than to wait for the boot cycle to complete.
  • You may experience problems with Excel Mobile that will freeze after adding sheets and eventually crashes.
  • Users, who have configured a data limit on their phone, may get frequent notifications about having exceeded their data limits.To resolve the issue, Windows suggests you go to Settings > Device & Network > Data Usage and remove your data limit settings.

This is what’s new in build 14951 in brief. You can check the full Windows 10 build 14951 post for more details.

Remove Google Search Bar (Android)

In this article you’ll learn how to Remove the Google Search Bar from your Android device. These Remove Google Search Bar instructions work for all versions of Android.

Google Search Bar not working? Need it removed?

Many Android users have been asking how they can have the Google Search Bar removed from their device’s homescreen. As useful as it may be, some people would just prefer to have that extra space on their smartphone’s desktop freed for other, more regularly used icons/widgets. There are quite a few ways to remove the Google Search Bar. In this article we will cover the most common and frequently used ones, explaining their pros and cons. Just know that in some cases it might be better to just leave the search bar as it is, instead of risking causing unnecessary errors to your device or disabling any functions, that you may still want to have.

Remove Google Search Bar from Android

Dragging the widget to the top of the screen

This is probably the easiest, quickest and safest method. All you have to do is tap and hold onto the google search bar and then drag it upwards.

You should be able to see a Remove button/ icon at the top of your screen. Just drag the search bar to it and it should no longer appear on your homescreen.


Always try that method first. It is possible that you may be unable to use that method for whatever reason. However, in most cases, especially with newer Android devices, getting rid of that (or any other) widget is a piece of cake. Just use the dragging method and it should be gone in no time. The Google Search will still remain on your smartphone in case you ever need it again or if you want to have the widget back on your desktop.

Disabling the app

You can use this method in case you cannot simply drag-remove the widget. However, keep in mind that by disabling the Google Search app you will also disable Google Now. If you don’t want that to happen but you still want to have the search bar removed, go to our next suggestion. If you are okay with disabling Google Now along Google Search, here’s what you need to do. Go to Settings > General > Apps > All.




Find the Google Search app and tap on in.


Now select Disable.


 You will be warned that if you disable the app it will disappear from your screen and you may also get unexpected errors with other apps. Tap on Yes and you should no longer have the search field displayed on your desktop.


Using a custom Launcher

A custom launcher is a tool/app that will enable you to customize your homescreen. These can be downloaded from the Google store. You may want to go for this method if our first suggestion does not work on your device and you don’t want to disable Google Now along Google Search (which will be the result from going for our second suggested method). To get custom launcher simply go to your smartphone’s store and search for one. There should be many alternatives, just pick the one that appeals to you the most.


You may want to check it’s reviews as well. Download/install the app and then launch it. Now you can customize your homescreen at will. With most custom launchers all you’ll need to do so as to have the search filed removed is to go to the desktop settings and set the entry for persistent search bar to None.

Additional option for rooted devices – installing a custom ROM

A rooted smartphone generally gives you quite a few extra customization options for your device. Basically, having a rooted android phone is similar to being able to use an Administrator account on a Microsoft computer. It’s just that smartphones don’t have a built-in way for users to access that root account. Therefore, it requires a bit of extra skill and knowledge so as to root your device.

The method for removing the google search bar in this paragraph is applicable only for rooted devices. If you don’t have access to your smartphone’s root account, you may want to go back to our previous suggestions. For those of you who have a rooted mobile device, you can use a custom ROM to get rid of any unwanted apps and bloatware that you don’t want or need. You see, many apps (especially pre-installed ones) cannot be removed or customized on a device that has not been rooted. For example, if our first suggested method (drag-remove the widget) does not work on your smartphone, using a custom ROM on a rooted device will now enable you to do use our first method and simply drag the widget to the trash can. However, if you are not sure about rooting your device or using a custom ROM, you might consider either simply disabling the Google Search app or using a custom launcher.


How to Powerwash Chromebook (Reset Chromebook)

This article was created to assist users How to Powerwash their Chromebook. These Chromebook Powerwash instructions work with devices from all manufacturers.

Just as it is with most digital devices that we use nowadays, Chromebook computers may too require a factory reset once in a while and that is why we want to teach you How to Powerwash Chromebook devices.. To be exact, the term used to describe a factory reset when it comes to chromebook computers is Powerwash. Powerwash-ing your laptop is similar to resetting your android device to its factory state or re-installing your Windows OS. Now, you might be wondering why you would want to factory rest your chromebook laptop. Well, a powerwash is usually recommended when there’s some problem with your laptop’s behaviour – slow-down of its productivity, instability etc. These are often caused by poor programmed software that you download from the internet. If your computer gets filled with programs that require big amounts of system resources your laptop may become slower and unstable. Think of powerwash as a rejuvenation for your chromebook. It will delete all changes that you’ve made to your laptop. Applications, browser extensions, plug ins etc. will all get uninstalled and deleted. Since the latter are the most common causes of malfunction among chromebooks, a powerwash will likely fix any issues that you may have with your laptop. Besides, a powerwash tends to speed-up your machine since it gets rid of everything that may have been needlessly slowing it down.

How to Powerwash Chromebook

  1. Locate an options menu at the lower right corner of your laptop and click on it. From that menu select Settings.
  2. Now scroll down until you reach Show advanced settings – click on that.
  3. Yet again, scroll down and look for a section labeled Powerwash. In that section locate the button named Powerwash and click on it.
  4. A message will pop-up telling you that you first need to restart your laptop so as to proceed forward. Click on Restart.
  5. After your chromebook re-boots a warning will be displayed to you, telling you that any data stored locally on your laptop will be deleted. Note: Here, we advise you reconsider whether you have anything valuable stored on your chromebook and if you do, make a back-up of it so you won’t lose those files. After you’ve made sure everything is secured, and no important data will be lost, you can proceed with the process by clicking on Reset. All you need to do now is wait. The process will surely take some time so be patient – do not shut-down your computer during the powerwash because this can heavily damage your system.

Once it’s all over, you can customize your Chrome OS settings and begin using your refreshed laptop. Keep in mind that it might be a good idea to powerwash your chromebook once in a while to keep it running to its full potential. Just always make sure that your important files have been stored somewhere where they won’t be affected by the factory reset. Most users use their cloud for that purpose, but if you want to reassure yourself that everything has been safely backed-up, you may also use a portable hard-drive or a flash memory as a back-up storage place.

Edge browser is crashing after Windows 10 Build 14942 update. Microsoft releases a fix.

Edge browser is crashing after Windows 10 Build 14942 update. Microsoft releases a fix.


The latest preview build 14942 for Windows 10, that was released by Microsoft last Friday, came with a couple of new features. Most of them were just minor and there were not many fixes for some of the known issues – only one issue was listed. However, as it often happens, users have faced a few more bugs that need to be fixed with this release. There were problems related to the Xbox Live, where users were having trouble signing in. One of the major issues that surfaced, however, was the crashing of the Microsoft Edge web browser. After the release of build 14942, many people reported sudden shut downs of the popular Edge browser that Microsoft is trying to promote with Windows 10.

 A few hours later, the company confirmed that there might be some issues with the work of the browser and it has been added to the list of known issues. Here is how they explained the origin of the crashing problem with Edge:

 “Due to a recent platform change, Microsoft Edge may crash after launch, or when you type in the address bar or try to open a new tab.”

Generally, these are the most common ways that one would want to interact with the Edge browser and the inconvenience it causes may really be preventing users from browsing the web normally.The good thing is that the company reacted quickly to this issue and offered a fix that will solve the crashing problem. The following command was released, which needs to be run in PowerShell in order to eliminate the bug:

Get-ChildItem ‘HKCU:\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\AppContainer\Storage\microsoft.microsoftedge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\Children’ | foreach{Remove-Item $_.pspath -Recurse}

However, before you apply it, you should be warned that if you use this solution, it may delete your cookies and browsing history. But, after all, this is the risk that comes with using Windows 10 preview builds, which naturally come with some great new functionality as well as some problems.

Another possibility to eliminate the problem with Edge browser is to downgrade to the previous build. However, it too has its set of issues and having in mind that Microsoft has already offered a workaround solution for this bug, it is expected that the new build, which is hopefully coming down to the Fast ring this week, will surely eliminate the Edge crashing issue.


New Microsoft patent based on biometric data will ensure your lock screen privacy.

Biometric data will be used to protect personal info on your lock screen.

Microsoft Research Institute to WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) has recently published a new patent application, which could ensure your privacy and security by optimizing your lock screen. This is possible with a new biometric security technology that identifies what personal data to be revealed or hidden from the eyes of a stranger that may be using the device.

Lock screens may sometimes be accessed by anyone. This may cause some inconvenience and expose the user’s private data to a pair of curious eyes or even to some data violation risks. However, Microsoft is working on a solution that may optimize the amount of actionable and personal information that the operating system can provide, depending on who is using it. With the implementation of the new biometric security mechanism, the users will have no need to worry about the information that is shown on their home screen. This may put an end to the embarrassment and the need to choose between productivity and privacy on their screen.


The Microsoft’s patent called “SELECTIVELY PROVIDING PERSONAL INFORMATION AND ACCESS TO FUNCTIONALITY ON LOCK SCREEN BASED ON BIOMETRIC USER AUTHENTICATION” will use a technology based on biometric data in order to authenticate the user who has activated the device.

The operating system that is using this method will intelligently decide whether to display more or less sensitive information, according to the level of identification of the user. More system functions and access to different information will be enabled accordingly, based on this advanced unlocking mechanism, which will be able to identify its owner.

An exact authentication won’t be needed for users to be allowed to interact with the lock screen; however, more and more information will be revealed to the user, in case that the operating system identifies it as the owner. According to Microsoft researchers, this new function will enable the lock screen to be a more practical desktop replacement. Features like sticky notes and the digital assistant Cortana may be included as additional functionality as well.

For this new biometric authentication to work, however, Microsoft will need to come up with more sophisticated and reliable unlocking mechanisms. Technologies like facial recognition and other advanced identification methods, collecting biometric data obtained from one or more biometric sensors, would need to ensure that the operating system does not unlock itself automatically, once it detects a user. However, whether and how exactly this will be implemented is yet to be seen.

The readers who are interested may check the link here to view the full content of the Microsoft Research Institute to WIPO patent.

What do you think? Would you welcome such change? You can share your thoughts in the comments below.