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Twitter Roundup: July 29 – One-click donations, prototyping in Africa, and drought prediction

Posted By admin On July 29, 2011 @ 12:15 pm In News | Comments Disabled

Search for the hashtag #socent [1] and you’ll find wide-ranging interest in social entrepreneurship on Twitter. Here’s a roundup of a few interesting tweets from the last week:

Good news > Expanding Microsoft software donations to more nonprofits - http://bit.ly/nBE078 [2] via @msftcitizenship [3] #csr [4] #socent [5] #ngo [6]
@davidcoethica [12]
David Connor

Organizations often rely on software to improve their productivity levels, but software can be very expensive. Microsoft recently [13]announced [13] that it is scaling-up efforts to provide free-of-charge software to nonprofits. Microsoft provides support to nonprofits through various software services aside from simply donating the software. Nonprofits can check on the Microsoft site [14] to see if they are eligible for these programs.

Better #climate [15] predictions in #Africa [16]: http://ow.ly/5OthG. [17] How can #socent [5] develop solutions to environmental challenges?
@acumenfund [23]
Acumen Fund

Much of Africa’s agricultural crisis, as exhibited by the current famine in Somalia, is related to climate change, which in this case has led to severe drought. Poor ground data on rainfall makes climate prediction a difficult task. Now a team of researchers [24] is working on creating an open-access resource of rainfall data taken over the past thirty years in Africa and Europe, to better assist hunger prevention tactics through increased knowledge of climate variability.

RT @thinkimpact [25]: South Africa Scholar Eric Duffy explains his prototype #socent [5] http://t.co/Po0mQen [26]
@IonPoverty [31]
Jonathan C. Lewis

Social entrepreneurs interested in international development work will enjoy reading the blog of ThinkImpact, [32] a company that provides students with the opportunity to learn social entrepreneurship in Africa. This one [33]focuses on the experience of a group in South Africa that is trying to prototype a water retention cistern.

How to give back without getting up: http://bit.ly/n6BelK [34] #nonprofit [35] #socent [5]
@davidcoethica [12]
David Connor

You don’t have to move from your desk to contribute to efforts to reduce hunger and malnutrition. This roundup [40] is a good resource for websites that allow you to donate a meal or money with no more than a click of your mouse.

More #socent [5] news from India http://tinyurl.com/3b33l2q [41] "In a social enterprise, you solve an old problem in a new way and make it saleable"
@Teach2Serve [46]

Social enterprise “solves an old problem in a new way and makes it saleable,” says an entrepreneur in India who is profiled in this article [47]. Her and others’ stories here provide concrete examples, based in India where the social entrepreneurship movement has really taken off, of what inspires people to become leaders for social change, and how they manage to bring their ideas to life.

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