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How To Remove Smart New Tab “Virus”

What you should know about  Smart New Tab “Virus”   Smart New Tab “Virus”  characteristics and how did I get it All adware programs are an annoyance for the users and  Smart New Tab “Virus”  is no exception. With its obstructive… Continue Reading →

How To Get rid of Trusted Surf

How To Get rid of Trusted Surf According to security experts, Trusted Surf is being classified, not as a virus, but as an adware. What is the difference? Well, an adware is a non-malicious piece of programming code that does… Continue Reading →

How To Remove Albireo “Virus”

What is Albireo “Virus” Have you ever come upon messages on your computer claiming that you won a prize, e-mails with no certain recipient and no purpose, discount coupons for the most frequently visited online shops etc.? Do pop-up or banner… Continue Reading →

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