Default Printer Keeps Changing Fix (Windows 10/7)

This article will help you fix the Default Printer Keeps Changing problem, which occurs on Windows 10/7

Our team has been receiving a number of reports from readers, who’ve encountered a rather peculiar issue with their Windows 10 OS. Basically, the default printers keeps changing without asking the user for permission . This can be quite irritating, especially if you need to use your printer on a regular basis and are each time forced to reset the default printing device in your system.

Generally speaking, there are two possible causes for this issue. The first possible reason may be due to some error that your computer isn’t informing you about. This in turn could be true, because the machine itself doesn’t recognize the error as something critical, because it has a fallback option, which it switches to (other printing device), thus removing the issue. The other possible cause for Windows 10 to be automatically changing the default printer could be the result of a setting on your computer that explicitly allows it to do so. Windows 10 actually comes with a feature that lets it manage the printing devices it is connected to, as it sees fit. And if this feature is enabled, your computer will be in control of your printers.

Whichever the reason, we have provided instructions in the guide below that are sure to have this problem solved. Simply follow the steps as described and don’t hesitate to drop us a line in the comment section at the bottom of this article, if you happen to encounter any difficulties.

Default Printer Keeps Changing Fix (Windows 10/7)

  • Important! It is always a good idea to set up a Restore Point before making multiple adjustments to your Windows OS. Should any unexpected problem occur, you can always roll your system back to where you started.

Let’s start from the end. If you’re experiencing the above issue because of the respective setting being enabled, you will need to disable it. To do that:

  1. Press and hold the Windows + A key combination on your keyboard to summon Action Center.
  2. Click on All Settings.
  3. Select Devices and then go to Printers and Scanners.
  4. To your left, you will see the words Let Windows Manage My Default Printer. Below them is a switch – turn it off.

If this is not the issue, then you will need to check the status of your printer, as well as whether it is turned on or not and if it’s even connected.

  1. Go to Start and type in Devices and Printers. Open the first search result.
  2. Under Printers, check whether your printing device is Set as Default. If it isn’t, right-click on it and select Set as Default. A green checkmark should mark your device after this.
  3. Click on your printer and check below to see its Status. It shouldn’t show Offline.
  4. If it does show Offline, you will need to check the connectivity. If your printer is a wireless one, re-do the wireless setup, to ensure that it is connected to the wireless network.
  5. If your computer is connected with a USB cable, you will most likely need to run the printer’s setup. If you’re unsure how to do this, check the manufacturer’s official website for more info.

Was our guide of help to you? Please let us know in the comments!

Printer Not Activated (Error Code 41)

This guide is created to help you solve the Printer Not Activated (Error Code 41). The fix offered in the guide work for all versions of Windows OS.

When your operating system has loaded the driver, but cannot find the hardware for your device, the error code 41 appears. In this case, you are restricted from using the hardware you need, unless you fix the problem. Usually, this type of error happens mostly in Windows XP and Windows Vista, but it is possible to appear even in other versions of Windows. This is what the full error message states:

“Windows successfully loaded the device driver for this hardware but cannot find the hardware device. (Code 41)”


“Printer Not Activated (Error Code 41)”


Most commonly, code 41 may happen when you try to use your CD or DVD drive, but it can also occur with various printers and other hardware. In some cases the error may indicate some problems with the partitions from “My Computer”, and if they are missing, this could really be a huge issue. The good thing, however, is that there are some easy-to-follow fixes that may help you solve that error. Here is what our team of experts suggests you try:

Option 1: Remove the registry entry

This options involves interacting with the registry. Here we need to warn you that in case that you make a mistake in the Registry Editor, this may corrupt your system very seriously. That’s why, before you attempt to modify your registry, it is best to make a backup. Also, in order for the fix to take effect, you will need to uninstall any CD software products that you have installed and follow carefully the instructions below. Here are the steps:

  • First, simultaneously press the Windows and R keys on your keyboard to open the Registry Editor.
    A Run window will open where you need to type regedit in the box and click OK.
  • After you have opened it, navigate to the following subkey, using the navigation pane on the left side:
  • Click on the key and from the File menu, click Export to make a backup. Type savedkey in the box, and click Save.
  • Next, click the REG_MULTI_SZ data type UpperFilters, and select Delete from the Edit menu.
  • A notification will ask you to confirm the deletion – simply click “Yes”.
  • Next, do the same thing with the REG_MULTI_SZ data type LowerFilters
  • Then, close the Registry Editor and restart your computer.

Option 2: Replace the problematic driver

In case that removing the Registry entry didn’t solve the error code 41, or you could not find the needed data types, replacing the driver that is causing the problem may be your next option. Here is how to do that:

  • First, press the Windows key on your keyboard and type “Device Manager”.
  • Open the Device Manager and find the problematic drive. To do that, you will need to expand both Disk drives and DVD/CD-ROM drives. Check for a yellow exclamation mark or a question mark next to the drive that is malfunctioning.
  • Select it, and from the Action menu, select “Uninstall”. Confirm the removal with “OK”. In case that there are any other drives, identified as problematic, repeat this step.
  • Next, click on “Scan for hardware changes” from the Action menu.
  • Close everything and reboot your computer. During the rebooting, Windows will install all drivers that may be missing automatically.

We hope that if you follow the instructions above, you will have no troubles fixing the error code 41. In case that you face some difficulties, however, please feel free to write us in the comments.

Bad Pool Header (Windows 10/7 Gude)

In this article you’ll find help for the Bad Pool Header Windows Error. Our Bad Pool Header Guide works for Windows 10/7 and other versions of Windows.

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) crashes can be a real pain in the neck and oftentimes it is difficult to figure out exactly what caused them. Sometimes, the error message within the blue screen gives you some information that might give you a general idea where the problem lays. However, in the case of the Bad Pool Header Error, there might be quite a few different causes. Therefore, there isn’t a single universal method that would fix the issue. Instead, you’d need to manually determine the cause for the error and then choose the most appropriate approach.

  • Before you go any further, it is advisable that you boot your PC into Safe Mode. This would decrease the risk of another BSOD crash while you are trying to solve the error since within Safe Mode, only the most essential processes needed for your PC to function are enabled. This guide will teach you how you can boot into Safe Mode.

The Bad Pool Header Windows Repair Guide

There are several things you can try in order to determine what’s the actual problem behind the BSOD crash.

Check your RAM

A possible cause for the error is bad RAM. There are a couple of ways via which you can test that and see if this is where the problem is.

  • You can use a third-party software to test your RAM – the free tool Memtest86 is perfect for the task. You can download it right now and use it to scan your PC memory. However, note that you’d first have to install the tool on a bootable device and then load from it. This article will show you how to burn bootable DVD/USB devices.
  • You could also open the case of your PC and look at the RAM sticks to see if any of them is damaged or not properly fitted in its place. You ca also try to remove them one by one and turn your PC each time in order to determine if any of the sticks is being faulty.

If a bad RAM stick is found, you should either replace it or use your machine without it.

Verify your drivers and update them if necessary

Another very common cause for BSOD crashes are faulty or outdated drivers. Here’s how to check that:

  1. In the Start Menu search box type verifier and open the first result.
  2. Select the first option (Create Standard Settings) and click on Next.1
  3. Now, select the option labeled Automatically select all drivers installed on this computer.
  4. Click on Finish.                            2
  5. Restart your computer and wait until the drivers get checked. If a faulty one is found, it would be listed and you will then know that this is probably the cause for the Bad Pool Header Windows BSOD error.

If any of your drivers seems to be causing the problem, follow this guide in order to re-install and update them.

  1. Type device manager in the Start Menu search box and open the first result.
  2. Find the driver that was listed after the verification or the one that you think might be faulty/outdated.
    • Faulty drivers that might be giving problems are usually marked with an yellow exclamation mark within the Device Manager.
  1. Right-click on the driver that is potentially problematic and select Uninstall.3
  2. Restart your PC – the driver should have been automatically installed back on at startup.
  3. Go back to the device manager, once more right-click on the driver and this time select Update driver software.                        4
  4. Now, you can use the Search automatically for updated driver software option and allow Windows to find the latest updates and install them automatically. However, just to be sure, you might manually go to the manufacturer of the device for which you need a driver update and download the driver from there. Then, select the second option in the update screen (Browse my computer for driver software) and navigate to the place where you downloaded the update on your PC.

Uninstall recently added programs and use a restore point

Another very common reason for those BSOD crashes are recently installed programs (most often scanner tools or anti-virus software) that mess with your OS’ which in turn leads to the Bad Pool Header Windows error. Therefore, if you have lately acquired a new program and that’s when the BSOD started occurring, it is very likely that this new software is the cause. In that case, you should uninstall that program and see if anything changes.

  1. Open your Start Menu and type uninstall a program.
  2. Click on the first search result.
  3. Look through the list of installed programs and find the one you think might be the cause for the problem. You can sort the programs in the list by date of installation in order to easily see the most recent entries.5
  4. Once you find the application in question, right-click on it and select uninstall. Follow the prompts and once it’s all done restart your PC to fully finish the process.

If the crashes do not stop after you’ve uninstalled the recently acquired program, then you should use a restore point. This will bring your PC to an earlier state that was stable and did not cause any Bad Pool Header Windows errors. However, note that it is important that you first made sure the software that is the potential cause behind the BSOD crash has been removed or else it might re-enable the changes that have lead to the problem in the first place.

If you do not know how to use Restore points to bring your system back to an earlier state, go to this guide and follow its instructions. After this, your problem should have finally been solved.


How to Boot in Safe Mode (Windows 10 and earlier)

Welcome to our guide on how to boot your PC into Safe Mode. It will show you how you can access Safe Mode in Windows 10, as well as Windows 8.1, 8 and 7.

Oftentimes, when troubleshooting a certain error or some other problem, you’d need to boot your machine into Safe Mode. When in it, your PC runs only the most essential processes needed for it to function properly, leaving out anything that is unnecessary. Generally, this makes the system more stable and makes it easier to troubleshoot uninterrupted by recurrence of the problem/error.

How to Boot in Safe Mode – WIndows 7

  1. Open the Start Menu and click on the arrow that is next to the Shut Down button.
  2. Select Restart and wait until your machine shuts down and then starts back
  3. The moment you see that your computer starts turning on, start spamming the F8 button on your keyboard.
  4. This should get you into the Boot Menu. Once there, use the arrow keys to highlight the Safe Mode with Networking option.                      safe-mode-2
    • Know that depending on your PC/laptop model, the key to access the Boot Menu might not be F8. Therefore, we suggest looking online for the boot key for your specific machine, before trying to get to the Boot Menu.
  1. Press Enter and wait for Windows to load.

Windows 8, 8.1 – Safe Mode Guide


  1. Use the Winkey+R keyboard combination. This will open the Run window.
  2. In the search field, type Control Panel and hit Enter.
  3. In the Control Panel, go to Administrative Tools > System Configuration.
  4. Check the Safe Boot option and then select
  5. Now, click on Restart – your computer should now boot into Safe Mode.

Windows 10 – Safe Mode Guide

  1. Open the Start Menu and select Settings.
  2. Go to Update and Security and then click on
  3. Select the Restart Now option.      safe-mode-4
  4. After your machine restarts it will load into the Boot Menu. In the Choose an Option screen, select Troubleshoot.
  5. Go to Advanced Options > Startup Settings.
  6. Using the number keys on your keyboard, choose the option Enable Safe Mode with Networking. Your PC will not load into Safe Mode.



Desktop Icons Missing Windows 10 (Solved)

This guide will help you fix the Desktop Icons Missing Windows 10 problem. The Desktop Icons Missing issue is merely an annoyance and it is easy to fix – if you know how.

What to do if your Desktop Icons in Windows 10 have disappeared:

A number of people have a wierd problem with Windows 10. Somehow all the little images, which represent shortcuts to programs, files or folders have disappeared and you are not sure why such a thing is happening to you. If your icons are not present, you won’t be able to access any program via its shortcut or open any folder from your desktop. Most of the time this is not caused by a bug, but certain errors or crashes might contribute to the issue.

What could cause such an error?

The origins of a problem like this could be numerous, all of them varying greatly from one another. Here are some of them:

  • Your computer might have crashed and the disappearance of your desktop icons might be a result of that.
  • It is also possible that such an error could be cause by the presence of a malicious program on your PC.
  • The infamous ‘Microsoft’ phone scam calls could be the causes for this problem.
  • This issue could also have appeared by accident, if you had clicked right and left on your desktop in the right sequence, this might have caused the disappearance of your items.

Fortunately, we have come up with a very useful guide and maybe we will be able to help you. All you have to do is implement the instructions inside it in a careful way.

Windows Desktop Icons Missing – The Guide for Windows 10

In order to restore your desktop items, you have to:

– place your mouse pointer anywhere on your currently empty desktop. Then push the right button of your mouse.

– you will see a small context menu come up. It normally looks like this:

– after that, navigate your cursor to the ‘View’ feature inside this context menu. A submenu willll appear (like the one below):

“Show desktop icons” is supposed to be among the features that you will notice there. Most probably it will not be marked with a check mark. All you have to do is tick the box next to it. After that you will have solved your problem and will be able to see all your icons and shortcuts on your monitor. 

Most of the time this will be enough to restore the missing icons to where they belong. If your problem is rooted deeper, however, it might be necessary to take other steps – such as loading a restore point to a time when this problem did not occur. Check our guide to see how.

Sometimes, though, this fix may not be the one for you. If that’s the case, perhaps you have found another successful one? Make sure to share it with us in the comments below, so that we can update our solutions list and help more users in need.


Infinite Warfare Error Code 262144 FIX

This guide will help you solve the issue with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Error Code 262144. The Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Error Code 262144 is easy to fix – read our guide to see how!


This time, we will point our attention to the gaming world where the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare game was released in Beta version for LIVE play. However, some users are reporting an annoying error message that is preventing them from playing. They are facing an Error Code 262144 which keeps them from logging in live play and leads to a lot of frustration among gamres who have paid to access the game.

The message that is displayed on the screen states the following:

“Error – Thanks for downloading the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Beta! Servers will be live from 10 AM PDT on October 14 till 10 AM PDT on October 17. Please check back between those hours to play. If you feel that you are receiving this message in error, please try again or visit for more information. Error Code: 262144”

As this message indicates, there seems to be a problem with the correct time for the BETA to be played. A similar error has appeared in the past, but it didn’t include the Error Code: 262144.


Infinite Warfare Error Code 262144 Fix

From what we’ve researched so far, this problem does not appear to all gamers, but just to some of them, while others have no problem logging in and playing. However, there were some complaints from some gamers, who posted about the Error Code 262144 on Twitter and other social media platforms. Currently, the Activision Support ‏@ATVIAssist are replying to the posts and assuring that they are actively working on solving the issue. According to Infinity Ward, the interest in the Warfare BETA is so huge that they are experiencing some server issues, since the people who are playing the game are more than they expected. And while the error code is yet to be solved, there are some quick fixes on the Internet that some users have suggested as working.

Some people have managed to fix the issue with the Code 262144 error message by simply restarting their console. Others are suggesting that closing the application and reopening it may solve the error. In some cases, a hard reset of the game has worked, while for others, a hard reset of the console solved the problem. This is something you can also try by simply holding the power button of the console to shut it down, then unplug it from the cable and wait for a few minutes before you turn it on again. If this doesn’t fix the error, here is what our team can offer you as a solution:

1. First, make sure you create an Activision login
2. Then, you need to link your PSN account in Activision
3. Next, make sure you are logged into your PSN network
4. Finally, restore any licenses in the PSN setting.

These steps should work for fixing the annoying message and letting you play Infinite Warfare BETA. If you know some other fixes that work, please feel free to share them in the comment sections below.

How to Create Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10

This guide will teach you how to create your own keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10. You can create a shortcut for every program you have installed.

Windows usually comes with already made key combinations known as Hotkeys, which represent keyboard shortcuts to different windows functions. These Hotkeys are pre-set and their idea is to make it easy to access some frequently used settings or specific tasks with a press of a key or two, or a set combination of them. Actions like “Cut”, “Paste”, “Copy” and others can really be handy to perform, while your fingers are already on the keyboard, instead of jumping to the mouse and trying to click on itsy-bitsy icons or little scroll bars and buttons. For those who are used to running programs on keyboard shortcuts, it is way more convenient, too. But what if you can’t remember the pre-set Hotkeys or have your own preference of key combinations that are more comfortable for you to use? Can you customize them? Yes! And this is what we are going to show you in this guide.

If you have some programs that you often run, such as your browser, your music player or others, and you wish to make them open by just the press of a couple of keys, here is how this can happen.

How to Create Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10

To set Hotkeys for some of your most used programs, there are just a few easy steps you need to do:

  • First, navigate to the Shortcut of a program on your desktop.
  • Then, right-click on it to open the menu.
  • Next, from the menu that opens select “Properties”. Let’s make it more visual so you can understand better:312_fixes_and_guides_image1
  • A window will open, where you need to click on the “Shortcut” section.
  • To add your own Hotkey, click on the “Shortcut key” box as shown in the picture below:


  • Simply edit the box and type your own favorite shortcut key combination.
  • Click “Apply” and test the new Hotkey.

Here are some more tips on how to create keyboard shortkeys in Windows 10.

  • Windows will automatically add the ALT key to the combination, if you hold the CTRL key and type a letter, number, or Function Key.
  • Windows will automatically add the CTRL key to the combination if you hold the ALT key and type a letter, number, or Function Key.
  • CTRL, ALT, and SHIFT keys may also be used in combination with a letter, number, or Function Key.

It is good to know that if you have been using another keyboard Hotkey combination, the moment you type the new one, it will override your previous combination. This means that the program will no longer open when using the old combination of keystrokes and will open only if you press the new one.

Was this information helpful? Do you have some tips on how to remember keyboard shortcuts? Tell us what you think or share with us your favorite programs and Hotkey combinations.

Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts – Full list

Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts



Clicking the mouse multiple times to summon a single function can be time-consuming. Luckily, there is a quick and simple way to use your keyboard and perform your most used actions with just a simple press of a key or two. Users, who are quite keen of keyboard shortcuts, can tell you how helpful they can be, and although memorizing all of them may seem a bit complicated at first, once you get used to them, it makes it way easier to navigate and call specific functions.

It’s absolutely OK if you can’t remember all of the shortcuts and, in fact, you don’t need to. But knowing how to use the most important ones is a great way to boost your Windows 10 experience.

Here we have listed all the most common keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10 and we hope you will find what you need. Some of them are quite similar to the older Windows versions, however, having them in a neat list may be handy. So here they are:

Keyboard shortcut Action
Windows key Open or close Start Menu.
Windows key + A Open Action center.
Windows key + C Open Cortana in listening mode.
Windows key + D Display and hide the desktop.
Windows key + E Open File Explorer.
Windows key + G Open Game bar when a game is open.
Windows key + H Open the Share charm.
Windows key + I Open Settings.
Windows key + K Open the Connect quick action.
Windows key + L Lock your PC or switch accounts.
Windows key + M Minimize all windows.
Windows key + R Open Run dialog box.
Windows key + S Open Search.
Windows key + U Open Ease of Access Center.
Windows key + X Open Quick Link menu.
Windows key + Number Open the app pinned to the taskbar in the position indicated by the number.
Windows key + Left arrow key Snap app windows left.
Windows key + Right arrow key Snap app windows right.
Windows key + Up arrow key Maximize app windows.
Windows key + Down arrow key Minimize app windows.
Windows key + Comma Temporarily peek at the desktop.
Windows key + Ctrl +D Add a virtual desktop.
Windows key + Ctrl + Left or Right arrow Switch between virtual desktops.
Windows key + Ctrl + F4 Close current virtual desktop.
Windows key + Enter Open Narrator.
Windows key + Home Minimize all but the active desktop window (restores all windows on second stroke).
Windows key + PrtScn Capture a screenshot and save in Screenshots folder.
Windows key + Shift + Up arrow Stretch the desktop window to the top and bottom of the screen.
Windows key + Tab Open Task view.
Windows key + “+” key Zoom in using the magnifier.
Windows key + “-” key Zoom out using the magnifier.
Ctrl + Shift + Esc Open Task Manager.
Alt + Tab Switch between open apps.
Alt + Left arrow key Go back.
Alt + Right arrow key Go forward.
Alt + Page Up Move up one screen.
Alt + Page down Move down one screen.
Ctrl + Alt +Tab View open apps
Ctrl + C Copy selected items to clipboard.
Ctrl + X Cut selected items.
Ctrl + V Paste content from clipboard.
Ctrl + A Select all content.
Ctrl + Z Undo an action.
Ctrl + Y Redo an action.
Ctrl + D Delete the selected item and move it to the Recycle Bin.
Ctrl + Esc Open the Start Menu.
Ctrl + Shift Switch the keyboard layout.
Ctrl + Shift + Esc Open Task Manager.
Ctrl + F4 Close the active window.

What are your favorite keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10? Can you tell us more? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.


Pokemon Go Update “Catch Bonus” Explained

What is the “Catch Bonus” system in Pokemon Go? Check out article for a detailed explanation on the new Pokemon GO Update “Catch Bonus”


Ever since it was released, Pokémon Go continues to receive updates from its developer Niantic. Recently, a new Pokemon Go Update “Catch Bonus” system has been introduced, which actually gives some meaning to the medals that you have been earning.

Initially, the medal system in the game did not have a specific role and many players have been wondering what exactly they are for. Of course, it is cool when you get medals, but now they will give you something more than a simple greeting for your progress and a thing to brag about.

In the latest version of the Pokémon Go app (0.41.2 for Android and 1.11.2 for iOS), the medal system is split in two. At the top, there are the medals which you can collect simply to brag about and they don’t really have something to do with the game itself. However, at the bottom section, there are the medals which are involved in something called Pokémon “catch bonus”.

Also, with the new update, now it is easier to track down your own progress and what you need to do to earn the next medal. For example, for a gold Youngster medal, you will need to catch 300 tiny Rattata. You can also check anytime how many Pokemon are left to complete the medal by simply clicking on the medal icon.

The Pokémon Go Update “Catch Bonus” Explained

Let’s say you catch a Pokémon, which correspond to the Punk Girl medal. When you open the medals screen and click on the Punk Girl medal, if you have already earned the gold level this will give you a +3 poison-type “catch bonus”.
Similar, a bronze level medal, will give you a +1 catch bonus depending on the Pokemon you’ve got.
What these catch bonuses actually do is, they make catching Pokemon easier. And while it is not really clear how exactly the new catch bonus works, some gamers speculate that this may be used to increase the percentage of the base capture rate of the Pokemon as well as be related to the different types of Pokéballs (normal, great, ultra), throw types (nice, great, excellent, curveballs), razz berries, and other features related with the catching.

For example, the base capture rates are different for the different Pokemon, were rare and evolved creatures have lower base capture rates and other Pokemon may have higher rates. The catch bonus system comes into play by lifting up your capture chance, depending on your level. We can try to break this down with a hypothetical breakthrough, so you could better understand where the “catch bonus” comes into play.

Let’s say you have a base catch chance of 10%
You also have catch bonus for gold medal: +3% to base catch chance
You may also increase your catch chance with a bonus for “great” throw: 1.5x
Have a curveball: 1.25x
Also a razz berry: 1.25x
And an ultra ball: 1.5x
Theoretically, this means that the overall catch chance without the catch bonus will be: (10%) * 1.5 * 1.25 * 1.25 * 1.5 = 35.2%
Then if we add the catch bonus the overall catch chance will be: (10% + 3%) * 1.5 * 1.25 * 1.25 * 1.5 = 45.7%

This is, of course, only an assumption how the new bonus may influence, however, this is not the real formula on how the developers will calculate the bonus in the game. As a conclusion, we can only assume that the new catch bonus system generally makes it easier to capture Pokémon and in addition, it uses fewer resources to catch different Pokémon types.

Pokemon Go Gym Guide, General Hints and Tips

Learn how to dominate fights with our Pokemon Go Gym Guide! Also included Pokemon Go hints and tips for the best catches!



Are you a Pokémon Go fan? Then this guide is a must read! On this page, we will help you become the best trainer and catch ’em all.

The game that has taken the world by storm – Pokémon Go – also has its tips and tricks that can help you excel better and improve your play. Here we have collected some pretty smart and handy tricksб which you may apply right away. From finding and catching Pokémon to best PokéStops and game battles, here are all the tips you need, so let’s begin!

Pokemon Go Gym Guide


Before a battle, match up Pokémon with their opposing types!

If you know one simple trick, you can still damage the opposing Gym even though you are woefully under matched. Now here it is – every Pokémon has a primary type, which normally matches up to some element. Knowing this, you can match them with the opposing element since some elements are more successful than others.

This is a handy list of each element type and beside it are the opposing types of Pokémon element, which are best-suited to defeat it:

  • Normal: Fighting
  • Fire: Water, Ground, Rock
  • Water: Electric, Grass
  • Electric: Ground
  • Grass: Fire, Ice, Poison, Flying, Bug
  • Ice: Fire, Fighting, Rock, Steel
  • Fighting: Flying, Psychic, Fairy
  • Poison: Ground, Psychic
  • Ground: Water, Grass, Ice
  • Flying: Electric, Ice, Rock
  • Psychic: Bug, Ghost
  • Bug: Fire, Flying, Rock
  • Rock: Water, Grass, Fighting, Ground, Steel
  • Ghost: Ghost
  • Dragon: Ice, Dragon, Fairy
  • Steel: Fire, Fighting, Ground
  • Fairy: Poison, Steel


Dodge at the start of each battle

Another important aspect of our Pokemon Go Gym Guide: It is a good idea during battle to swipe left or right to dodge right at the start of the battle. This way you will often give yourself an extra attack or two before your opponent can realize what is happening. This is an especially good tip for smaller and quicker types of Pokémon, which with their quick burst attacks and dodges can take down even a big creature before they can react.

Take over a neutral gym

Now here is what to do if you don’t have a gym or you can’t fight a gym battle yourself. Simply wait until the gym is taken over. Once it turns neutral white, practically anyone can place their Pokémon there. So you just have to act fast enough and you can take over a gym of yours, which an opponent has been trying to take down. Add your most powerful Pokémon there and you will have the gym for yourself.

Add different types of Pokémon to a friendly gym

Enrich a friendly gym with various Pokémon types. It may be cool to have an All fire gym, but think again – it is quite vulnerable to a trainer with all Water and Ground Pokémon, so variety matters.

Other Pokemon Go Hints and Tips


Go to parks with many PokéStops

It’s true that you can find Pokémon almost anywhere, but to find lots of them, it is best if you go to a crowded place. Cities are great to start with and parks are the perfect places, especially those with different terrain. This way, while hunting you will be able to catch different types of Pokémon and enrich your collection. Make sure you don’t run out of Poke Balls when you boost your Pokémon catching experience, so parks with multiple PokéStops are really a great place.

Hunt with your friends

Pokémon can be caught by everyone, and if you have a proper hunting strategy, like hunting in pairs or groups of friends, you can surely catch more of them. Besides, what is more fun than roaming around with friends? This way you can cover more ground, too.

Your radar ring can help you to discover Pokémon

Your avatar has a small pulsing ring, which glows as you are roaming around. This ring is your personal radar that indicates whether you are close to a PokéStop or Gym or whether there is a Pokémon nearby. So when the Pokémon appears on your Sightings screen, this means that it should be somewhere no more than 1000 feet away from you and your radar should reveal it.

Moving leaves may indicate a Pokémon spawn point

The green fluttering leaves sometimes may indicate a Pokémon nearby. If you are roaming around in an area for long enough, you may have the chance to see some Pokémon that are not on your radar. However, that’s just  a chance and there is no guarantee that a rare Pokémon will really appear.

Parking lots are ideal for catching lots of Pokémon quickly

You may find it funny but, it seems that Pokémon like spawning in parking lots. If they are near PokéStops, it’s even better. So, don’t miss the chance to check such places.

Turn off AR when catching Pokémon

AR (augmented reality) may sometimes make it more difficult to catch Pokémon and it can drain your battery faster. So, save up a few extra drops of battery and turn AR on just when you find a Pokémon in a particularly hilarious location.

Get bonuses when throwing Poké Balls

The way you throw your Poké Balls when trying to catch a Pokémon may also give you great bonuses. Normally, when you throw the ball, your goal is to throw it inside the shrinking ring and land it on the Pokémon’s nose or head. However, you can get special catch bonuses if you land the Poke Ball in a specific way. This may help you keep the Pokémon locked inside the ball and reduce its chances of escaping.


And regardless of the bonuses you are aiming for, it’s a good trick to tap and hold on the Poke Ball to start the ring cycle and then wait to throw your ball until the ring is at the correct location. This way, even if your Pokémon tries to move back or break the circle, you keep holding your Poke Ball because it eventually will return and you won’t lose your ball as well.

Better Poké Balls and Razz Berries can help you capture Pokémon

Rare Pokémon or those with very high CP found in the wild may be hard to capture. Usually, your issues may be that your Poke Balls may not be good enough to hold them or even worse, they can send them running. Here is a tip for that. Once you reach level 6, you can use Razz Berries to lift your chances of catching wild Pokémon. Later on, Great and Ultra Balls can do the job.

What to do if your game crashes just while you are catching a Pokémon?

Ok, so that’s a really frustrating issue and it is mostly because the game developer’s servers are frequently overloaded. So, it may happen that your game will freeze after you catch a Pokémon or even crash. Don’t panic though – your Pokémon won’t be lost. You just have to force quit the game and open it again. After you restart it, check your Pokedex where your Pokémon has been automatically caught, or it may still be spawned and waiting for you to catch it.

More tricks about PokéStops


Avoid playing during the busy hours and play during off-hours instead.

Lunchtime and afternoons are usually the busiest times when most people play. Indeed it can be fun to play a bit with your colleagues or during the lunch break, but if you try playing during less busy hours, such as early mornings or late evenings, you may have the chance to catch more creatures.

Find PokéStops with Ingress

Within its previous game, the developers Niantic used many of the maps, Ingress, to populate PokéStops and Gyms in the Pokémon Go world. That’s why a smart tip to find more Pokémon is if you use Ingress’s map system. This will help you figure out where exactly you should search for creatures the most. Usually, Portals on Ingress’s map indicate PokéStops.

If you don’t want to go hunting, Lures are a lazy way to catch Pokémon

Now here is another tricky tactic. You can attach Lures in various places such as your favorite cafe, mall, shop or bar where you like to hang out and just sit back and wait while Pokémon appear. Usually, it takes some 3-5 minutes for a new Pokémon to appear inside the Lure and this way you will have the chance to catch some rare ones.

Choose your Stardust and Candy wisely

Here is another strategy – when you catch your first Pokémon, don’t rush with evolving it, even though it can be tempting. Instead, go up with the levels and you will find many more higher-level creatures, which when evolved will become much more powerful.

Choose the higher-level creatures to evolve

Evolving the more powerful creatures will boost your Pokémon much more.

Use Lucky Eggs before an XP spree or evolving Pokémon

To double your personal Trainer XP, you can use Lucky Eggs, which can be bought from the Shop or can be received as level rewards. This can also be used pretty effectively to bring up your level while catching multiple Pokémon. However, the best time to use Lucky eggs is when you’re evolving Pokémon. Usually, you can get 500XP for evolving Pokémon. The Lucky Egg can boost it up to 1000XP every time. For example, if you have a ton of Pidgeys, evolving them into Pigeottos with just 12 Pidgey Candy can bring you a ton of experience.

Move your eggs around your room to get them hatched.

This is a tip that can help you trick the game into thinking that you are walking. If you really don’t have the time to walk to get your 10 km egg to hatch, just move your phone in circles or back and forth around your room or desk. This may eventually get your egg hatched. However, you won’t be able to trick the game if you’re driving. The game doesn’t count your distance if you move with a speed more than 10.5 km/h.

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