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In this article we are going to try and help you remove UnblockUPC Virus. Our instructions cover all Windows versions.

It is no secret that the infamous Ransomware type of viruses are currently one of the greatest online threats that you can encounter while surfing the Internet. Those malicious programs are very different from other kinds of harmful software due to their unique approach and way of functioning. Apart from that, due to their rapid evolution and the constant development of newer and more advanced Ransomware viruses, it is often difficult for the IT community to keep up with them and come up with effective ways to deal with the threat. UnblockUPC is by far one of the latest noxious programs of that type. There have already been a number of reports addressing this particular virus. Similarly to other Ransomware programs, it targets the user’s files, encrypting them and making them inaccessible without the encryption key.

Our goal

The aim of this article is to give our readers a better understanding of how such harmful software works, how they can recognize the threat and effectively protect their systems. Additionally, at the bottom of the article you can find a guide that will present you with a possible way to remove the virus and potentially restore your data if it has already been locked by the virus. However, keep in mind that, as we already mentioned, it is oftentimes quite challenging to devise a hundred percent effective way to handle the issue. Therefore, it is possible that even that guide might not be able to solve all problems caused by the Ransomware.

Understanding how Ransomware viruses work

As stated earlier, one of the main reasons why Ransomware like UnblockUPC virus seem to be so difficult to deal with is due to their unique approach when attacking the user’s computer. You see, in contrast to other more conventional virus types, typical Ransomware does not directly try to inflict damage to your system. Instead, it uses a sophisticated encryption code that seals your documents, rendering them inaccessible to you. The thing is that most anti-virus programs do not recognize the encryption process as something malicious. This is because numerous other programs that are legit also use encryption on their files. The difference is that you can still access files encrypted by a regular piece of software.

Intercepting Ransomware

The process of UnblockUPC encrypting your files usually takes some time and requires several different stages until it is complete. This might give the user some time to spot the malicious virus activity and possibly stop it, saving at least some of their files. However, in order to be able to manually detect the virus, you need to have a better understanding of the process. Once your machine gets infected by UnblockUPC virus, the noxious program actually copies your data and it is the copied files that are actually locked by the encryption. After this, the virus deletes the originals, making sure that all you are left with is a pile of locked documents that you cannot access without the decryption key. This process often requires considerable amounts of system resources such as free disk space, RAM and CPU. Therefore, if you notice that your machine is running slower and there is unusually high resource consumption for no apparent reason, then it might be due to Ransomware currently sealing your data. If that is the case, make sure you do not attach any other devices to your machine since they might get infected as well. Also, it might be a good idea to shut your PC down and have it taken to a specialist – it might not be too late yet.

Paying the ransom?

After the encryption stage finishes and all your files have been locked, the virus displays a message on your screen. This message demands a ransom payment in return for the decryption key that can grant you access to your own data. There are also detailed instructions on how to make the transfer. In the majority of cases the money is required to be paid in bitcoins. This popular cyber-currency has become the favorite tool of hackers for blackmailing people. This is because bitcoins are untraceable and the anonymity of the criminal is guaranteed. If you are in the same situation, you are left with two options: paying the ransom or trying to find another way. Neither of them guarantees that you’d regain access to your files. However if you choose to pay the money, you might simply be wasting it, because nothing obliges the blackmailer to send you the code. Also, this would surely encourage the hacker to keep on terrorizing people with the nasty Ransomware. Therefore, our best advice for you in this situation is to try our guide that could help you remove the noxious UnblockUPC and maybe even restore at least some of your files. Besides, it will cost you nothing in contrast to the ransom payment.

Tips for future use:

The following will surely come in handy in the future, therefore, make sure you remember them:

Remove UnblockUPC from your system

# 1


Enter Windows Safe mode.

# 2

Open Task Manager and locate any processes associated with UnblockUPC.

# 3

Open the Registry Editor and search for UnblockUPC.

# 4

Try to recover your files. First you will need System Restore.

Secondly use program that can access your Shadow Copies.


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