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.Sage File Virus Removal (File Recovery Steps)


In this article we are going to try and help you remove .Sage File Virus. Our instructions cover all Windows versions.

.Sage File Virus is a true manifestation of online harassment – as any other typical Ransomware,  it does sneak into your PC without your permission and knowledge, then it puts its evil plan to encrypt the files you usually visit into action. At the end of the whole process, your favorite data is encoded and a notification asking you to pay a ransom in return for it pops up on your screen. 

Where does .Sage come from?

Ransomware as a whole was originally developed in Russia in the late 80’s of the last century. At first there appeared to be two distinct types of Ransomware. The first one did not actually encrypt any data; it was used only for scaring its victims, because it used to display the harassment notification on their screens. The second type is the one that still targets users around the world today – the one that really encodes your files and then requires you to pay a given amount of money in exchange for regaining control over them. Truly, we can say that Ransomware is a type of malware that causes awfully much harm to your PC.

What makes .Sage so dangerous and terrifying?

What could be done to bring your files back?

We can only give you our own advice and opinion, which will not necessarily save your system from .Sage. From our point of view, you had better first try to remove this virus before sending any money to the people who have been cruel enough to infect your PC and then blackmail you for ransom. Do everything that is up to you – ask an expert for advice, read about other affected users’ experience in forums and specialized groups. Even invest in specialized software against such threats. Also, at the end of this page you will find a Removal Guide that will assist you in removing .Sage, again with no guarantees of decrypting the blocked files. If nothing of these works, you can thing about completing the ransom payment.

Back-up is the only real solution

By far the only working solution against Ransomware as a whole and .Sage in general is to learn to back up your files. This is what will truly save you from such malicious infections, as when you have copies, you will just delete the virus and not care about the consequences to your encoded files.

.Sage File Virus Removal

# 1


Enter Windows Safe mode.

# 2

Open Task Manager and locate any processes associated with .Sage.

# 3

Open the Registry Editor and search for .Sage.

# 4

Try to recover your files. First you will need System Restore.

Secondly use program that can access your Shadow Copies.


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