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Which is Safer, Internet Explorer or Firefox?

There is a lot of discussion going on about the relative safety of Internet Explorer vs. Firefox. In this article I say why I think most of the commentary is missing the point. The battle over the question in the… Continue Reading →

Quick Method for Configuring IE 7 ActiveX Settings for Greater Security

Disabling ActiveX Table I shows some settings that involve ActiveX in the Internet security zone for IE 7. Changing this small group of settings will still protect against many common security problems but is less of an obstacle for the… Continue Reading →

Internet Explorer 7

Although changes have been made to Internet Explorer 7 (IE 7) to make it safer than IE 6, security issues remain and many of the same considerations discussed for IE 6 are also pertinent to IE 7. In fact, possible… Continue Reading →

Comparison of Security Zone Settings for Internet Explorer 7

The settings for security zones in Internet Explorer 7 are changed from those in IE6. Some new categories have been added and security tightened. Figures showing the settings are given. Comparison of the settings for different Internet Explorer 7 security… Continue Reading →

ActiveX Errors

Background of ActiveX Controls Before tackling ActiveX, I need to say just a little about the general way programs are designed these days. A lot of use is made of what the programmers call objects. These are individual modules designed… Continue Reading →

Trusted Sites

How To Add Trusted Sites for Internet Explorer 7 If you are using the most recent version of Internet Explorer 10 or 11 please click here For other internet browsers please click on the appropriate link bellow. FireFox Browser User… Continue Reading →

Make Internet Explorer 6 Safer- Configure the Security Settings

Recommendations for Internet Zone The Internet zone is where sites not specifically placed elsewhere are placed. Thus, the settings for this zone control most of the sites that you will go to on the Internet. Please be aware that increased… Continue Reading →

Internet Explorer 6 Security- Comparison of Zone Settings in Windows XP SP2

Comparison of the settings for different Internet Explorer 6 security zones in Windows XP SP2 Settings for Internet Zone Settings for Trusted Zone Settings for Restricted Zone

Internet Explorer Security- Comparison of Internet Security Zone in Different Versions of Internet Explorer 6

Comparison of the Internet Security Zone settings for different versions of IE6 Older version of IE6 Later version of IE6 Windows XP SP2 version

Internet Explorer 6 Security- the Local or “My Computer” Zone

Description of the “My Computer” or local Internet security zone The “My Computer” zone is the local computer zone, which governs the security settings for opening HTML pages stored on your own system. These locally stored pages are deemed to… Continue Reading →

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