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How to Block Political Posts on Facebook

Learn how to block political posts on Facebook with the help of our guide! Also works on sponsored posts and annoying friends!

Is your Facebook Timeline covered with sponsored posts, annoying news, negative stories or political debates that you are not really interested in?

By becoming the social networking platform for all, Facebook has taken up a major share of our personal and professional life. From a place to just have fun and enjoy amusing content, to a marketing and advertisement playground and an important information channel. As a result, our News Feed gets cluttered with all sort of notifications. Our friends’ activity gets randomly mixed with some sponsored posts, news, updates, advertisements and topics that we may not really be interested in, but there is hardly anything we can do to change that.

Facebook, unfortunately, does not really give us a quick and comfortable solution to arrange our News Feed according to our preferences, or at least to make sure we are not flooded with content that we may not like to see. Indeed, there is a New Feed managing option at the top left of the page, however, its settings aren’t that precise to filter specific information as per our personal criteria. Thus, it is necessary to learn how to block political posts on Facebook by using an alternative solution.

If you also find yourself spending too much time on Facebook, scrolling down to feeds that you don’t really find relevant or are not interesting to you, then we might have something to offer you here that could have this issue solved. There is a tool, that can help you optimize your Timeline and carefully select the updates that you want to receive or disable the news feeds that you think won’t be interesting to you.

How to Block Political Posts on Facebook

There is actually a very handy browser plugin called Social Fixer, which is a decent tool that can help you clean your News Feed and sort out the updates that you find useful. This plugin works for mostly all browsers (excluding IE) and in this guide we will show you how to use it.

How to install and set up Social Fixer?

The Social Fixer plugin is available for download online from its official website. It works for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and several other browsers (excluding IE). The installation takes just a few seconds – you simply click the “Download” button on the website and add the plugin to your default browser of choice.

After you have installed Social Fixer, go to your Facebook and you will be prompted to complete the Social Fixer Setup Wizard. We recommend you start slow with this plugin and select the “Minimalist Settings” at first and click “Next”. Later on you can adjust more of its features, depending on your preferences.

Filtering content on your Timeline

The second step in the Setup Wizard will guide you through the content filter. In case that you have dreamed of having the possibility to automatically diversify and customize specific posts from other updates that appear on your Timeline, with Social Fixer this will now be more than easy. Simply follow the steps in the Setup and select the filters you want, or if you wish to keep some updates, just turn the filter off.

During our testing of the Social Fixer features, we found out that this browser extension provides some quite helpful additional features for Facebook. One such feature is the ability to filter the News Feed based on specific keywords or authors. This can turn out to be really useful if you want to be selective about posts on specific topics. It also gives you the option to auto-switch the Most Recent news in the feed.

So, instead of considering to abandon Facebook, just give this plugin a try and it may grant you an entirely new and customized experience with this social platform.

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