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BikaQRSS “Virus” Removal


Welcome to our BikaQRSS “Virus” removal guide. The following instructions will aid you in removing the unwanted software from your PC.

If you have had BikaQRSS “Virus” installed onto your machine, you have probably already noticed the infuriating amount of internet ads, pop-ups, box messages and banners that start to appear on your screen every time you try to use your browser regardless of whether you are using Chrome, IE, Firefox or any other browsing program. This set of symptoms is typical for a program of the Adware category. There are multiple reports from our readers, that this unwanted software comes along with other adware-like programs like WinSnare and Amulesw, from the aMuleC family. We know just how irritating and frustrating this could be, which is why, we will help you remove the unpleasant piece of software from your machine. However, before we give you our instructions on how to uninstall and fully get rid of BikaQRSS, we must first make sure that you have a good understanding of what Adware programs are, what they do and how to avoid them in future.

Profit through ads

You probably already know that nowadays big amounts of money are earned through online advertising. Adware programs just take that method of gaining income to the next level by flooding the user’s browser with all sorts of advertising materials that when clicked upon generate a tiny amount of money. This probably does not seem like a big deal but when put into perspective, this actually turns out to be quite an effective way of gaining income. Bear in mind that each day a huge number of computers is getting invaded by programs like BikaQRSS and even if only a portion of the users fall for the obnoxious ads and click on them, the revenue gathered would still be substantial.

Comparison between viruses and Adware

Due to their rather unpleasant behavior and lack of any actual use, a lot of people tend to think of Adware programs as some sort of malware or viruses. While there might be some similarities between the two types of software, in reality they are quite different from one another. A typical malware program the likes of Ransomware, Trojans, Spyware, etc. is bond to execute some malicious and illegal task on the computer that it has invaded. Whether the malicious piece of software would try to damage your system (Trojans), spy on you (Spyware) or encrypt your files and blackmail you for a ransom payment (Ransomware), there is no doubt that task it is used for would be both harmful to you and/or your PC and also forbidden by the law. On the other hand, an Adware program like BikaQRSS, despite being very irritating and despite possessing certain security risks, is still usually not harmful on its own.

Things to be aware of

In the previous paragraph, we explained to you why Adware programs are different from malware and virus, yet we also mentioned that there are still certain potential hazards that a program like BikaQRSS might posses. A typical Adware program, on its own, normally does not have the ability to cause any damage to your system. However, sometimes the banners, box messages and pop-ups that it generates could make your machine vulnerable and exposed to different online threats. This is why we you are advised to avoid interacting with the adverts displayed by the unpleasant program. Should you click on any of them, you risk getting redirected to illegal and potentially harmful websites. Alternatively, interacting with the advertising materials might directly result in some shady and unwanted piece of software getting downloaded on your computer.

Another important thing to keep in mind regarding Adware applications is that they are oftentimes capable of gathering information from your browser history and later using it for marketing purposes. In some cases, the data might get sold to third parties without you even knowing about it.

Computer safety

The easiest and most effective way for handling Adware programs is by keeping them at bay and not allowing them to get inside your PC. Here, we have prepared for you a couple of useful tips on how to do that:

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