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Fixes and Guides

How to Convert MKV to AVI 

This page contains a guide aimed at providing instructions for converting MKV to AVI files for free. The guide works for all Windows versions. Matroska Multimedia Container or better known as MKV is a universal format designed to store common multimedia files. What’s great about…

Fixes and Guides

How To Uninstall Windows 7 

The following article includes a guide with instructions aimed towards helping users uninstall Windows 7. The guide will work for all users who have updated to Windows 10. So, you’ve upgraded to the latest Windows version from Windows 7. It’s all cool, you’re happy and…

Fixes and Guides

Xlive.dll Missing Fix 

The following guide is designed to help users fix the missing Xlive.dll file error. The guide provided on this page will work on all versions of Windows. Missing .dll files are a pretty common error users get prompted with every day. And in the vast…