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Stedan Safford

.Shit Virus File Removal

This page aims to help you remove .Shit Virus for free. Our instructions also cover how any .Shit Virus file can be recovered. Whether you are the head of a big company or a regular internet user, the importance of having a… Continue Reading →

Hello, New User “Virus” Pop Up Removal

Hello, our team has prepared the following article to help you remove “Hello, New User” “Virus” Pop Up from your system. It should work for Chrome, Firefox, IE and other popular browsers as well as all Windows OS versions. How can… Continue Reading →

Zepto Virus Ransomware Removal

Dear reader, If you have come across the following page, you have probably been looking for a possible solution to your problem with Zepto Virus. Luckily for you, in the following article we are going to give you a detailed… Continue Reading →

How To Stop “System Host: Local System (Network Restricted)” From Using High CPU

One of the latest issues that seems to be stalking Windows 10 users appears to be a process you can see in your Task Manager called “System Host: Local System (Network Restricted)”. It tends to be using an enormous amount… Continue Reading →

Best Fix: WiFi frequently disconnects (Windows 10 WiFi Sense)

This page was created to fix the WiFi frequently disconnects issue on Windows 10. WiFi sense is the reason behind these frequent disconnects. In this article we’ll explain how to disable WiFi Sense. What is WiFi sense? If you’re an Windows 10… Continue Reading →

What is True Key (by Intel Security)?

What is True Key? A short review In this article we’ll explain what is True Key, highlight it’s features and also provide a Removal Guide for those of you who dislike the program or become dissatisfied with the service it… Continue Reading →

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