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Fixes and Guides

Vcruntime140.dll Missing Fix 

In the following article and its guide we will aid you in solving the common vcruntime140.dll missing file error that sometimes occurs when you are trying to run or install a certain web development application. Missing .dll files are a commonplace occurrence and resolving errors caused by…

Fixes and Guides

Msvcp100.dll Missing Fix 

The guide featured in this article is directed towards getting the missing msvcp100.dll file error solved. The instructions in this guide are applicable for all Windows versions.  If you’ve encountered the missing msvcp100.dll file error while trying to run a certain PC game and are…

Fixes and Guides

BSOD Error in Windows 

You have probably heard about the dreaded Blue Screen of Death. Well, there could be a lot of causes for this problem. It could be a hardware problem, recent system configuration changes, system or driver files stuck in an endless loop and so on. Here,…

Fixes and Guides

How to Backup Your Files 

The following guide will show you three different ways to create a backup of your data in case it gets damaged or deleted from your PC. Errors, viruses, system crashes, and, of course, the infamous Ransomware threat are all potential ways you can lose your…

Fixes and Guides

Windows Error Code 0x80070002 Fix 

How to fix Windows Error 0x80070002 The below guide aims to help resolve error 0x80070002 in all the latest Windows versions, including Windows 10. 0x80070002 is a common error that is usually caused by missing update files in your Windows system. An update might have been downloaded…