Pokemon Go Gym Guide, General Hints and Tips

Learn how to dominate fights with our Pokemon Go Gym Guide! Also included Pokemon Go hints and tips for the best catches!



Are you a Pokémon Go fan? Then this guide is a must read! On this page, we will help you become the best trainer and catch ’em all.

The game that has taken the world by storm – Pokémon Go – also has its tips and tricks that can help you excel better and improve your play. Here we have collected some pretty smart and handy tricksб which you may apply right away. From finding and catching Pokémon to best PokéStops and game battles, here are all the tips you need, so let’s begin!

Pokemon Go Gym Guide


Before a battle, match up Pokémon with their opposing types!

If you know one simple trick, you can still damage the opposing Gym even though you are woefully under matched. Now here it is – every Pokémon has a primary type, which normally matches up to some element. Knowing this, you can match them with the opposing element since some elements are more successful than others.

This is a handy list of each element type and beside it are the opposing types of Pokémon element, which are best-suited to defeat it:

  • Normal: Fighting
  • Fire: Water, Ground, Rock
  • Water: Electric, Grass
  • Electric: Ground
  • Grass: Fire, Ice, Poison, Flying, Bug
  • Ice: Fire, Fighting, Rock, Steel
  • Fighting: Flying, Psychic, Fairy
  • Poison: Ground, Psychic
  • Ground: Water, Grass, Ice
  • Flying: Electric, Ice, Rock
  • Psychic: Bug, Ghost
  • Bug: Fire, Flying, Rock
  • Rock: Water, Grass, Fighting, Ground, Steel
  • Ghost: Ghost
  • Dragon: Ice, Dragon, Fairy
  • Steel: Fire, Fighting, Ground
  • Fairy: Poison, Steel


Dodge at the start of each battle

Another important aspect of our Pokemon Go Gym Guide: It is a good idea during battle to swipe left or right to dodge right at the start of the battle. This way you will often give yourself an extra attack or two before your opponent can realize what is happening. This is an especially good tip for smaller and quicker types of Pokémon, which with their quick burst attacks and dodges can take down even a big creature before they can react.

Take over a neutral gym

Now here is what to do if you don’t have a gym or you can’t fight a gym battle yourself. Simply wait until the gym is taken over. Once it turns neutral white, practically anyone can place their Pokémon there. So you just have to act fast enough and you can take over a gym of yours, which an opponent has been trying to take down. Add your most powerful Pokémon there and you will have the gym for yourself.

Add different types of Pokémon to a friendly gym

Enrich a friendly gym with various Pokémon types. It may be cool to have an All fire gym, but think again – it is quite vulnerable to a trainer with all Water and Ground Pokémon, so variety matters.

Other Pokemon Go Hints and Tips


Go to parks with many PokéStops

It’s true that you can find Pokémon almost anywhere, but to find lots of them, it is best if you go to a crowded place. Cities are great to start with and parks are the perfect places, especially those with different terrain. This way, while hunting you will be able to catch different types of Pokémon and enrich your collection. Make sure you don’t run out of Poke Balls when you boost your Pokémon catching experience, so parks with multiple PokéStops are really a great place.

Hunt with your friends

Pokémon can be caught by everyone, and if you have a proper hunting strategy, like hunting in pairs or groups of friends, you can surely catch more of them. Besides, what is more fun than roaming around with friends? This way you can cover more ground, too.

Your radar ring can help you to discover Pokémon

Your avatar has a small pulsing ring, which glows as you are roaming around. This ring is your personal radar that indicates whether you are close to a PokéStop or Gym or whether there is a Pokémon nearby. So when the Pokémon appears on your Sightings screen, this means that it should be somewhere no more than 1000 feet away from you and your radar should reveal it.

Moving leaves may indicate a Pokémon spawn point

The green fluttering leaves sometimes may indicate a Pokémon nearby. If you are roaming around in an area for long enough, you may have the chance to see some Pokémon that are not on your radar. However, that’s just  a chance and there is no guarantee that a rare Pokémon will really appear.

Parking lots are ideal for catching lots of Pokémon quickly

You may find it funny but, it seems that Pokémon like spawning in parking lots. If they are near PokéStops, it’s even better. So, don’t miss the chance to check such places.

Turn off AR when catching Pokémon

AR (augmented reality) may sometimes make it more difficult to catch Pokémon and it can drain your battery faster. So, save up a few extra drops of battery and turn AR on just when you find a Pokémon in a particularly hilarious location.

Get bonuses when throwing Poké Balls

The way you throw your Poké Balls when trying to catch a Pokémon may also give you great bonuses. Normally, when you throw the ball, your goal is to throw it inside the shrinking ring and land it on the Pokémon’s nose or head. However, you can get special catch bonuses if you land the Poke Ball in a specific way. This may help you keep the Pokémon locked inside the ball and reduce its chances of escaping.


And regardless of the bonuses you are aiming for, it’s a good trick to tap and hold on the Poke Ball to start the ring cycle and then wait to throw your ball until the ring is at the correct location. This way, even if your Pokémon tries to move back or break the circle, you keep holding your Poke Ball because it eventually will return and you won’t lose your ball as well.

Better Poké Balls and Razz Berries can help you capture Pokémon

Rare Pokémon or those with very high CP found in the wild may be hard to capture. Usually, your issues may be that your Poke Balls may not be good enough to hold them or even worse, they can send them running. Here is a tip for that. Once you reach level 6, you can use Razz Berries to lift your chances of catching wild Pokémon. Later on, Great and Ultra Balls can do the job.

What to do if your game crashes just while you are catching a Pokémon?

Ok, so that’s a really frustrating issue and it is mostly because the game developer’s servers are frequently overloaded. So, it may happen that your game will freeze after you catch a Pokémon or even crash. Don’t panic though – your Pokémon won’t be lost. You just have to force quit the game and open it again. After you restart it, check your Pokedex where your Pokémon has been automatically caught, or it may still be spawned and waiting for you to catch it.

More tricks about PokéStops


Avoid playing during the busy hours and play during off-hours instead.

Lunchtime and afternoons are usually the busiest times when most people play. Indeed it can be fun to play a bit with your colleagues or during the lunch break, but if you try playing during less busy hours, such as early mornings or late evenings, you may have the chance to catch more creatures.

Find PokéStops with Ingress

Within its previous game, the developers Niantic used many of the maps, Ingress, to populate PokéStops and Gyms in the Pokémon Go world. That’s why a smart tip to find more Pokémon is if you use Ingress’s map system. This will help you figure out where exactly you should search for creatures the most. Usually, Portals on Ingress’s map indicate PokéStops.

If you don’t want to go hunting, Lures are a lazy way to catch Pokémon

Now here is another tricky tactic. You can attach Lures in various places such as your favorite cafe, mall, shop or bar where you like to hang out and just sit back and wait while Pokémon appear. Usually, it takes some 3-5 minutes for a new Pokémon to appear inside the Lure and this way you will have the chance to catch some rare ones.

Choose your Stardust and Candy wisely

Here is another strategy – when you catch your first Pokémon, don’t rush with evolving it, even though it can be tempting. Instead, go up with the levels and you will find many more higher-level creatures, which when evolved will become much more powerful.

Choose the higher-level creatures to evolve

Evolving the more powerful creatures will boost your Pokémon much more.

Use Lucky Eggs before an XP spree or evolving Pokémon

To double your personal Trainer XP, you can use Lucky Eggs, which can be bought from the Shop or can be received as level rewards. This can also be used pretty effectively to bring up your level while catching multiple Pokémon. However, the best time to use Lucky eggs is when you’re evolving Pokémon. Usually, you can get 500XP for evolving Pokémon. The Lucky Egg can boost it up to 1000XP every time. For example, if you have a ton of Pidgeys, evolving them into Pigeottos with just 12 Pidgey Candy can bring you a ton of experience.

Move your eggs around your room to get them hatched.

This is a tip that can help you trick the game into thinking that you are walking. If you really don’t have the time to walk to get your 10 km egg to hatch, just move your phone in circles or back and forth around your room or desk. This may eventually get your egg hatched. However, you won’t be able to trick the game if you’re driving. The game doesn’t count your distance if you move with a speed more than 10.5 km/h.

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How to Block Political Posts on Facebook

Learn how to block political posts on Facebook with the help of our guide! Also works on sponsored posts and annoying friends!

Is your Facebook Timeline covered with sponsored posts, annoying news, negative stories or political debates that you are not really interested in?

By becoming the social networking platform for all, Facebook has taken up a major share of our personal and professional life. From a place to just have fun and enjoy amusing content, to a marketing and advertisement playground and an important information channel. As a result, our News Feed gets cluttered with all sort of notifications. Our friends’ activity gets randomly mixed with some sponsored posts, news, updates, advertisements and topics that we may not really be interested in, but there is hardly anything we can do to change that.

Facebook, unfortunately, does not really give us a quick and comfortable solution to arrange our News Feed according to our preferences, or at least to make sure we are not flooded with content that we may not like to see. Indeed, there is a New Feed managing option at the top left of the page, however, its settings aren’t that precise to filter specific information as per our personal criteria. Thus, it is necessary to learn how to block political posts on Facebook by using an alternative solution.

If you also find yourself spending too much time on Facebook, scrolling down to feeds that you don’t really find relevant or are not interesting to you, then we might have something to offer you here that could have this issue solved. There is a tool, that can help you optimize your Timeline and carefully select the updates that you want to receive or disable the news feeds that you think won’t be interesting to you.

How to Block Political Posts on Facebook

There is actually a very handy browser plugin called Social Fixer, which is a decent tool that can help you clean your News Feed and sort out the updates that you find useful. This plugin works for mostly all browsers (excluding IE) and in this guide we will show you how to use it.

How to install and set up Social Fixer?

The Social Fixer plugin is available for download online from its official website. It works for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and several other browsers (excluding IE). The installation takes just a few seconds – you simply click the “Download” button on the website and add the plugin to your default browser of choice.

After you have installed Social Fixer, go to your Facebook and you will be prompted to complete the Social Fixer Setup Wizard. We recommend you start slow with this plugin and select the “Minimalist Settings” at first and click “Next”. Later on you can adjust more of its features, depending on your preferences.

Filtering content on your Timeline


The second step in the Setup Wizard will guide you through the content filter. In case that you have dreamed of having the possibility to automatically diversify and customize specific posts from other updates that appear on your Timeline, with Social Fixer this will now be more than easy. Simply follow the steps in the Setup and select the filters you want, or if you wish to keep some updates, just turn the filter off.


During our testing of the Social Fixer features, we found out that this browser extension provides some quite helpful additional features for Facebook. One such feature is the ability to filter the News Feed based on specific keywords or authors. This can turn out to be really useful if you want to be selective about posts on specific topics. It also gives you the option to auto-switch the Most Recent news in the feed.

So, instead of considering to abandon Facebook, just give this plugin a try and it may grant you an entirely new and customized experience with this social platform.

Fixes and issues in Windows 10 build 14951

Fixes and issues in Windows 10 build 14951

What’s new in the build?


The latest preview build of Windows 10 PC and Windows 10 Mobile has been released for the fast ring Insiders just yesterday. And as usual, along with it comes a list of improvements and fixes, as well as known issues to be aware of. Here we’ve summed up the most interesting highlights of the freshly released Windows 10 preview build 14951:

Improvements and Fixes for PC

  • The blue screen issue for PCs in Connected Standby, such as Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 has been fixed. 
  • Gamers will surely greet this build with excitement, as there are some fixes in the installations of some games from the Store such as Forza Horizon 3, Gears of War (and some 3rd party games) failing to install with error code 0x80073cf9.
  • Launching larger Store games such as ReCore, Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3, Killer Instinct and Rise of the Tomb Raider will now have no issues with the new build. The incorrect snapping of the console window (which hosts Command Prompt, PowerShell, and other command-line utilities) between two monitors with different DPI scaling has been fixed, too.
  • All agenda items in the taskbar’s Clock and Calendar flyout will now match their respective calendar’s colors, instead of using the primary calendar’s color.
  • The Add PIN button in Settings > Accounts > Sign-in Options that sometimes unexpectedly grayed out for domain-joined devices has received a fix, too.
  • The Groove crashing when you try to reorder the songs in a very large playlist has also been solved.
  • An update in the migration logic has been made and now it includes custom scan code mappings. That means that going forward from this build, if you’ve used Registry Editor to remap certain keys (for example, Caps Lock key to null), that change will persist across upgrades.
  • The Adobe Photoshop Express crashing after clicking on the ‘correct’ button when trying to edit a cropped image has been fixed.

If you would like to check them all, here is the full list of fixes.

Improvements and Fixes for Mobile

  • The French keyboards (with the exception of French (Canada), for which these rules don’t apply) have been updated to the French punctuation rules.
  • A fix for the issue resulting in the Camera shutter sounds entry missing from the Sounds Settings page via Settings > Personalization > Sounds has been provided.

These are the known issues for PC as of now:

  • If you can’t sign into apps such as Feedback Hub, Groove, MSN News, etc. with your Microsoft Account when you sign out or get signed out of these apps, this is an issue related to the latest build. You can contact Microsoft through the forums if this happens to you.
  • You may experience a crash while using the protractor in Sketchpad. Microsoft is working on a fix.
  • A 3rd party antivirus product installed on your computer may prevent your PC from completing the update to the latest build and could cause a roll-back to the previous build.

And the known issues for Mobile:

  • The same problem with signing into apps such as Feedback Hub, Groove, MSN News, etc. with your Microsoft Account if you sign out or get signed out of them is also with the Mobile build. Contact the Microsoft team with feedback if you experience this issue.
  • Microsoft is also warning that when rebooting a phone on this build and Build 14946 from last week, the device may get “stuck” on the blue Windows logo screen during the boot cycle. They have identified 2 bugs causing this issue and working to check in fixes soon. However, being “stuck” is only temporary. Depending on which device you have, your phone may be in this stuck state for 20-30 minutes, but it will eventually progress to the Lock screen. There is no permanent impact from these 2 bugs, just an unexpectedly long boot time. Please don’t reset your device! It’ll take longer to reset the device, than to wait for the boot cycle to complete.
  • You may experience problems with Excel Mobile that will freeze after adding sheets and eventually crashes.
  • Users, who have configured a data limit on their phone, may get frequent notifications about having exceeded their data limits.To resolve the issue, Windows suggests you go to Settings > Device & Network > Data Usage and remove your data limit settings.

This is what’s new in build 14951 in brief. You can check the full Windows 10 build 14951 post for more details.

“Your Connection Is Not Private” (Chrome Fix)

“Your Connection Is Not Private” is an annoying problem, which can occur while you use Google Chrome. Learn how to fix it with our easy-to-use guide!

Unfortunately, nowadays it appears that greater threats may be upon us not when we are outside, but when we are quietly sitting at home with our laptops or mobile devices in hands and peacefully browsing the web. There are thousands of nasty viruses or programs with malicious intentions like Trojans and Ransomware, which represent a real risk for our security and could be found all around the web, at times even where we least expect them. That’s why it is essential that we ensure our browsing is protected as much as possible. An alarming message like “Your connection is not private”, however, could really set of the alarm, that’s why in the guide below we will draw some more attention to this problem and the ways it could be solved.


“Your Connection Is Not Private” Fix in Google Chrome

The first thing you need to do in case you are getting this error is to check if the address of the website you typed in is correct. You may have mistyped a letter or so, that’s why the protocol for secure communication (https) may give you an error when trying to access the website. In your Chrome browser this will show up, because the SSL secure method has faced an error and can’t verify the required information properly. The SSL is actually a data encryption method, which helps keep your information private while transmitting it from your machine to the web server.

Simply put, when you get “Your connection is not private”, this indicates that something is preventing Google Chrome from loading the website in a secure and private manner. The reasons for that could be numerous. A very common one could be that the SSL certificate has expired or is unknown. Another thing could be that the connection between the server and your computer is not secure. Generally, the “Your connection is not private” error may be solved by simply adjusting your computer settings. If that doesn’t help, then the error may be on the server side. The guide below will give you a few ideas on what to do in both cases:

Go through your computer or connection settings to adjust them:

  • Check your Anti-virus and Firewall settings. Sometimes, your Firewall or anti-virus settings may interfere with some SSL certificates. However, if you really trust the website and you are sure it is safe, you can turn off the SSL scanning settings or simply add the website to the exception list.
  • Check the date and time of your computer. As strange as it may sound, this very often is the reason for the “Your connection is not private” error to appear in Google Chrome. A difference between the date and time on your device and that of the SSL may prevent the certificate from being verified. The moment you update your date and time, the message may disappear.
  • Hide the Warning message in your Chrome browser. In case that you don’t want to see the disturbing ”Your connection is not private” error anymore, you can simply disable it from appearing on the screen. This won’t solve the issue, but for a certain period of time, it will hide the message when you attempt to access this specific website.

In case that the problem is on the server side:

  • Ignore the message and proceed to the website anyway. To do that, click on the Hide Advanced button and then proceed to “Site Name” (unsafe). Be cautious when attempting to ignore the warning, however, and only do that for websites you really trust. 278_tips_image2
  • Disable the SSL Certificate error automatically. The picture below shows how you can ignore the error completely by adding certain parameters to the Google Chrome browser.
    This step, however, only removes the message without resolving the issues that might be causing it, that’s why you should bear in mind that when you do this, you are taking the full risk of visiting that website.

Was this guide helpful? If yes, a simple “thank you” in the comments is enough to motivate us to keep helping you and may others!

Edge browser is crashing after Windows 10 Build 14942 update. Microsoft releases a fix.

Edge browser is crashing after Windows 10 Build 14942 update. Microsoft releases a fix.


The latest preview build 14942 for Windows 10, that was released by Microsoft last Friday, came with a couple of new features. Most of them were just minor and there were not many fixes for some of the known issues – only one issue was listed. However, as it often happens, users have faced a few more bugs that need to be fixed with this release. There were problems related to the Xbox Live, where users were having trouble signing in. One of the major issues that surfaced, however, was the crashing of the Microsoft Edge web browser. After the release of build 14942, many people reported sudden shut downs of the popular Edge browser that Microsoft is trying to promote with Windows 10.

 A few hours later, the company confirmed that there might be some issues with the work of the browser and it has been added to the list of known issues. Here is how they explained the origin of the crashing problem with Edge:

 “Due to a recent platform change, Microsoft Edge may crash after launch, or when you type in the address bar or try to open a new tab.”

Generally, these are the most common ways that one would want to interact with the Edge browser and the inconvenience it causes may really be preventing users from browsing the web normally.The good thing is that the company reacted quickly to this issue and offered a fix that will solve the crashing problem. The following command was released, which needs to be run in PowerShell in order to eliminate the bug:

Get-ChildItem ‘HKCU:\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\AppContainer\Storage\microsoft.microsoftedge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\Children’ | foreach{Remove-Item $_.pspath -Recurse}

However, before you apply it, you should be warned that if you use this solution, it may delete your cookies and browsing history. But, after all, this is the risk that comes with using Windows 10 preview builds, which naturally come with some great new functionality as well as some problems.

Another possibility to eliminate the problem with Edge browser is to downgrade to the previous build. However, it too has its set of issues and having in mind that Microsoft has already offered a workaround solution for this bug, it is expected that the new build, which is hopefully coming down to the Fast ring this week, will surely eliminate the Edge crashing issue.


New Microsoft patent based on biometric data will ensure your lock screen privacy.

Biometric data will be used to protect personal info on your lock screen.

Microsoft Research Institute to WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) has recently published a new patent application, which could ensure your privacy and security by optimizing your lock screen. This is possible with a new biometric security technology that identifies what personal data to be revealed or hidden from the eyes of a stranger that may be using the device.

Lock screens may sometimes be accessed by anyone. This may cause some inconvenience and expose the user’s private data to a pair of curious eyes or even to some data violation risks. However, Microsoft is working on a solution that may optimize the amount of actionable and personal information that the operating system can provide, depending on who is using it. With the implementation of the new biometric security mechanism, the users will have no need to worry about the information that is shown on their home screen. This may put an end to the embarrassment and the need to choose between productivity and privacy on their screen.


The Microsoft’s patent called “SELECTIVELY PROVIDING PERSONAL INFORMATION AND ACCESS TO FUNCTIONALITY ON LOCK SCREEN BASED ON BIOMETRIC USER AUTHENTICATION” will use a technology based on biometric data in order to authenticate the user who has activated the device.

The operating system that is using this method will intelligently decide whether to display more or less sensitive information, according to the level of identification of the user. More system functions and access to different information will be enabled accordingly, based on this advanced unlocking mechanism, which will be able to identify its owner.

An exact authentication won’t be needed for users to be allowed to interact with the lock screen; however, more and more information will be revealed to the user, in case that the operating system identifies it as the owner. According to Microsoft researchers, this new function will enable the lock screen to be a more practical desktop replacement. Features like sticky notes and the digital assistant Cortana may be included as additional functionality as well.

For this new biometric authentication to work, however, Microsoft will need to come up with more sophisticated and reliable unlocking mechanisms. Technologies like facial recognition and other advanced identification methods, collecting biometric data obtained from one or more biometric sensors, would need to ensure that the operating system does not unlock itself automatically, once it detects a user. However, whether and how exactly this will be implemented is yet to be seen.

The readers who are interested may check the link here to view the full content of the Microsoft Research Institute to WIPO patent.

What do you think? Would you welcome such change? You can share your thoughts in the comments below.

Windows 10 comes with new features for Microsoft Paint.

Microsoft is developing new features in Paint for Windows 10.

The classic Paint program, the way we all know it, will be replaced with a new Paint version in Windows 10. The Microsoft team is working on the release of an updated and more functional version packed with new features. This sounds like great news for the users, who are used to this very basic program. From simple editing to some small tasks, Paint has always been a vital part for every Windows user, but this time the Microsoft team wants to bring it to another level. With its improvements, the new version of Paint may easily be placed next to the other serious graphic editors available online.

The new Microsoft Paint for Windows 10 comes with 3D support.

The news about the new version of the program was announced recently by a Twitter user named WalkingCat. He released two teaser videos, in which he demonstrated the new interface of Paint and just a glimpse to some of its features.


From what is visible in the videos, the well-known interface has significantly changed. A lot of the differences come from the touch and pen optimization that Microsoft inputs. Most of the icons and tools are way bigger than before and the menu bar is gone. The navigation between the tools happens through a sidebar that opens, once you click on an icon.


The 3D support for objects is probably one of the best features that comes in Paint for Windows 10. This is highlighted in the video, along with some stickers and community content features as well. It is expected that with all its new functionalities, Paint will probably be even more popular than 3D Builder, which is another application that Microsoft distributes with Windows 10.


Here is the Microsoft Paint Preview video itself. 

Unlike the previous versions of Windows, where Pain was a built in program, this time in Windows 10 it will be offered as an application. The release of the new version, however, will probably happen earliest in the first half of 2017, when the Windows 10 Redstone 2 update is expected to be released.
Let us know what you think in the comments below – do you use Paint? Do you like the new interface of it?

Error Code 0xC004F074 in Windows 10 Fix

This guide was written to help users solve Error Code 0xC004F074 in Windows 10 (typically with Office 2016 activation). We have provided three solutions you can try.

In case you are getting an error code 0xC004F074 while trying to activate your Office 2016 volume licensed client, then you are most probably facing an issue related to your Key Management Service. This error code usually occurs when you are trying to host the Office 2013 KMS and the Office 2016 KMS hosts on the same system. Most commonly, the Error 0xC004F074 appears if you are running either Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 on your PC. The message that you get on your screen states the following:

“The Software Licensing Service determined that the specified Key Management Service (KMS) cannot be used. Error Code 0xC004F074”


In some cases, this problem may occur even from a sync issue between the time and the date of the system and the server or may be related to some DNS update issue. Either way, in this guide, we are going to show you a few options that may help you solve that Office 2016 activation issue. Below, you will find detailed descriptions of the steps you need to take, so if you follow them closely, you won’t have any difficulty to fix the 0xC004F074 Error.

Error Code 0xC004F074 in Windows 10 Fix

The Guide

Option 1: Download and install latest Microsoft Office 2016 Volume license Pack

In case that your operating system is either Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 and you co-host the Office 2016 KMS host and Office 2016 KMS host, getting this error is something you could expect. This appears to be a bug that could easily be solved if you simply download and install the latest Volume License pack. This is what the Microsoft Support Team suggests as a solution to that problem. Some users have reported that this solution worked for them, so you can get the download link from here. If this doesn’t work, however, there are two more methods you can try.

Option 2: Disable and Re-enable DNS host

Error 0xC004F074 may also appear due to some DNS updating issues. In this case, if you disable the DNS publishing and re-enable it again, it may help you fix the error. To do this manually, simply follow the instructions below:

  • First, open the Command Prompt as administrator and type “Regedit
  • Next, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SoftwareProtectionPlatform in the registry.
  • Then, create a new DWORD Value. Name it “DisableDnsPublishing” and set its value to 1.
    This should disable DNS publishing.
  • Next, to re-enable DNS publishing you should set the value of this Key to 0 and your error should be fixed.

Option 3: Sync system date and time

A very silly but probable reason for the Office 2016 activation client error is the difference in the date and time between your client system and the server. In case of more than 4 hours of difference, error 0xC004F074 may occur. However, it has been detected that the synchronization between the client computer and the system KMS host can fix the issue. To do that, we recommend you use Network Time Protocol (NTP) as a time source. Another option to synchronize time between the client and the server on the network is to configure Active Directory Service.

We hope that the suggested solutions will help you deal with the above error. In case that you find some other solution that works, please, feel free to share it with us in the comments below. 

Microsoft is now allowing users to remove preinstalled apps in Windows 10!

Microsoft is now allowing users to remove preinstalled apps in Windows 10!

Redstone 2 users can now get rid of unwanted preinstalled apps.

An option that users have been asking for a long time now has been released with the latest update of Windows 10. It looks like apart from the many new features and optimizations that come along with the Windows 10 builds, Microsoft is also working on the user’s ability to customize the functionality of the new operating system. The latest build, released on the fast ring, comes with a useful improvement that now provides an option for users to remove more of the applications that come preinstalled with Windows 10.

This important functionality has been revealed by OneNote Central in a tweet post. The fast ring insiders can now easily remove the unwanted apps from the Settings menu by selecting “Apps & features” and clicking on “Uninstall”. There, all they have to do is select the applications they wish to uninstall and simply press the uninstall button.


However, not all preinstalled apps can be removed at the moment. The good thing is that it appears that Microsoft is working on providing that important option for more apps. Hopefully, we will see them in the coming updates. The news about the Uninstall option was greeted by the Windows 10 users as a welcomed change, which will now enable them to get rid of the apps that they are not using anyway.

Another good thing is that the removed apps will not be reinstalled anymore when major updates and new builds are released. This means that once users remove a specific application, it will not come back when the OS is updated, until they manually restore it in their system. This functionality, which was implemented in build 14926, will most probably be included in the final Redstone 2 update, which is expected to be released in the spring of 2017 for retail users.

This is what Dona Sarkar, the head of the Windows Insider program, confirmed a few weeks ago:

 “We’ve heard your feedback, and starting with Build 14926, when your PC updates it will check for apps that have been uninstalled, and it will preserve that state once the update has completed. This means if you uninstall any of the apps included in Windows 10 such as the Mail app or Maps app, they will not get reinstalled after you update to a newer build going forward”.

The next thing that is expected in the future builds of Windows 10 is for Microsoft to enable the uninstall option for all stock applications. This will be a welcomed functionality for many Windows 10 users, which will improve the overall user experience with this operating system.


Windows 10 update causes boot loops. Microsoft is working on the fix.

Windows 10 update causes the need for frequent system boots. Microsoft is working on the fix.



Update: Microsoft has just released the script that can help the users fix the install loop problem in the KB3194496 update of Windows 10 to build 14393.22. Here is the link where you can download it form.

In the past one year, Microsoft has been actively trying to promote Windows 10 as the next stable Operating System for mass usage. Indeed, this OS comes with a handful of great functionalities and features and a significant share of automated processes, which require less user interaction. Frequently updated and sophisticated security tools, system improvements and scheduled automated Microsoft updates ensure maximum efficiency of the system. They also reduce the risk of outdated apps and bugs that may be compromised, if not updated regularly. However, as good as this could be, the full automation of some of the major processes, such as updates, is leaving the average users without the option to control when and how they may happen.

According to Microsoft, the automated updates will be beneficial for the users, because this way they will receive all the newest features, improvements and security updates on time, without having to worry about checking for them themselves. And while this could really save a lot of time and system maintenance, there is some inconvenience that the end users may face.

The last week’s update for Windows 10 Anniversary Edition (KB3194496) has been reported to be the reason for an endless circus of reboots of the system of some users. Not all the people who received the update had this issue, but it appears that some of them had to face an endless boot loop. Microsoft has been informed accordingly and is now working on fixing the issue. An updated script and a patch are expected to be released soon. In the next days, the company will release guidelines on how to manually stop the boot loop and apply the new patch.

The boot loop problem with the Windows 10 (KB3194496) update ruffled some feathers, mostly because it was previously reported during the testing period itself, but it appears that Microsoft didn’t pay enough attention to this issue before it went live to the larger community. This is just one of the system fixes that the company needs to work on. We have witnessed the rapid rate at which Microsoft is releasing update after update, which apart from its benefits, has also introduced some problems. In fact, ever since it appeared, Windows has been receiving patches and fixes that have been causing some issues on a small number of computers. But this is inevitable, when having millions of devices that are running on this OS.

A more serious problem, however, may appear when users are automatically receiving such fixes and updates, no matter if they want them or not. This may increase the chance of facing system bugs, incompatibility or other unexpected issues. Of course, they can disable the whole Windows Update service manually and this way, they will not receive any updates at all. But this is too extreme and risky of an action that may expose Windows 10 to significant security threats, rather than a solution to the imposed scheduled Microsoft updates. The solution may hide in a differentiation between the feature updates as optional, and the security updates as mandatory. This may prevent future issues of this type and let’s hope that Microsoft will come up with such a solution soon.