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Block Referral Spam in Google Analytics

Spam visits messing-up your site’s analytics stats? This sounds like!

It’s almost impossible to use the internet and avoid getting some form of spam at a given moment. Spam comes in all shapes and sizes – e-mails, intrusive adverts, box-messages and even spam/fake visits to websites. If you’re currently reading this, the chances are that you’re dealing with referral spam – fake views to your site’s pages. There’s a special spam method called referral spam. This method is a clever way for hackers and virtual crooks to increase their own site’s rating among search engines (especially google). The earlier forms of referral spam were using bots that go to your site and generate views. After some time Google managed to filtrate those spam visits and prevent them from messing with analytics stats. However, in 2014 a new type of referral spam was developed – ghost spam. This type of spam tools are advanced version of their classic referral spam predecessors. The main difference between the two is that ghost spam programs do not use bots to generate views. Instead, they just change your analytics stats, so that it seems like your site has been visited by the hacker’s URL, but in reality no visits have taken place.

Important information about and Ghost spam is one of the newest ghost spam schemes. Here, we should note that even if such software is messing with your website, there’s no reason to panic. In fact, those spam visits will not affect your google rating or steal your traffic. Still, the reason why you’d like to have them gone is that as long as you get more and more fake views, you’ll be unable to estimate the actual traffic to your site. This may get really annoying and even frustrating, especially if you use your website to gain income and you need actual visits to increase that income. Therefore, under this article, we’ve provided our readers with a neat guide on how to get rid of these annoying spam visits. However, before we get to that part, there are some more information that you might want to know about ghost spam programs.

The importance of stopping the spam visits

 You might be currently asking yourself: “But how do these spam visits help the hackers to boost their site’s rating?” Well, it’s all about you seeing the hacker’s URL and following it back to the source, thus generating a visit to the hacker’s site. It might not seem like a big deal, but even if a small percentage of the site owners trace back the hacker’s URL, this will generate a considerable amount of visits. Besides, those spam programs work ceaselessly – the more they remain active, the higher rating the crook’s site gets. While you cannot do anything to stop the bots, you can still prevent it targeting your site and messing with your analytics stats.

Helpful tips

Lastly, here are several important rules that you should take into account to minimize the effects of

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