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   /   Apr 6th, 2010News

When I was starting out as a journalist in New York in 1991, I stumbled upon an article on the Grameen Bank, the anti-poverty bank that won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006. Up until then, I had imagined that poverty was unavoidable. But I became so intrigued by the idea of microfinance that I quit my newspaper job and traveled to Bangladesh to see it for myself. Since then, I’ve spent almost 20 years writing about social innovators around the world.

That newspaper story changed my life. At Dowser, we hope to present stories that have the potential to change your life — by highlighting new possibilities and pathways to make a positive impact in the world.

Every day, we’ll provide coverage that explores the question: Who’s solving what and how? We’ll be looking for promising ideas, models worth studying, and emerging career opportunities. We’ll be asking: What’s working and what’s not? And what’s it like to do this work?

We’ll dig up compelling stories and useful insights to share with you — and bring back our findings in a clear and honest fashion, with a little flair.

We conceived Dowser as a service to help you chart your own changemaking path.

We look forward to building this site with you. We’ll be relying on your feedback and tips.

Please let us know your thoughts. Thanks for reading!

-David Bornstein

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