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Weekly Roundup: Who’s solving what and how

   /   Jul 15th, 2010Business, Education, Environment, Government, International, News, Tech

All around us, people are working on innovative solutions to pressing social problems. But those stories can be difficult to track down. Which is why we’re scouring the Web to bring you weekly links highlighting who’s solving what and how.

Video Games for Change

  • Whether or not they actually lead to violence, a lot of video games are big on blood and gore. But a new breed of socially-conscious games is on the rise. Behavioral experts say these “games for good” can be used to teach empathy—a core skill for anyone who wants to cause social change. Educators, foundations, and government agencies are taking an interest—and market demand is on the rise. (Stanford Social Innovation Review: “Game Theory”)

Pentagon Tapping Geothermal Energy

Businesses Tout “Integrity”

Simplifying Emissions Reporting

What great solution-focused posts and articles did you come across this week? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. [...] we discussed last week, the U.S. Army has started making strides in lowering its reliance on traditional power sources. [...]