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Weekly Links Roundup – July 29: American transportation gets greener, electric apparel, and more

   /   Jul 28th, 2010Design, Environment, News, Tech

All around us, people are working on innovative solutions to pressing social problems. Often, though, those stories can be difficult to track down. Which is why we’re regularly scouring the Web to highlight who’s solving what and how.

I’m leaving on a jet plane (preceded by a bicycle)

Our be-rivered planet

Chevy Volt slams on the gas (but first, the electricity)

  • The highly-anticipated Chevy Volt is finally available for pre-order. Uniquely, the Volt offers the ability to drive the first 40 miles electrically (more than the average American drives per day) after which the car switches to gas, totaling about 240 miles per gallon.  But it may face some stiff competition: Nissan’s new Leaf, a fully electric vehicle capable of driving 100 miles on its battery, has already sold out its pre-order of 13,000 cars. (Daily Finance, “GM Prices the Chevy Volt at $41,000. Will Buyers Plug In?”)

Power the iPod you’re listening to – on your morning jog

What solution-focused news stories did you come across this week? Let us know in the comments.

Photo: Christopher Isherwood

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