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WATCH: Nancy Henkin on the importance of intergenerational contact

, ,    /   Aug 4th, 2010Audio Slideshows, Education, Photos & Videos

Nancy Henkin believes there isn’t enough contact across generations. For the past 30 years she’s been striving to remedy that imbalance. As the founder and executive director of the Intergenerational Center, Nancy works to enhance and engage these communities by pairing old and young to address each group’s needs.

In one of the center’s programs, college students tutor Chinese adults in English. Another one pairs experienced adults over 55 with parents of young children in order to develop diet-and-exercise plans to prevent childhood obesity.

Inspired by her grandfather and by Gray Panthers founder Maggie Kuhn, Henkin’s work at the Intergenerational Center continues to evolve. What started as a Philadelphia-based local service provider in the late 1970s is now shifting toward a national, web-based training center that helps organizations develop effective strategies for lifelong civic engagement and cross-generational contact.

2 Responses

  1. gregorylent says:

    god save me from the arrogance of youth, the ignorant oh-so-coolness of 30-somethings, the absolute banality of the concerns of most forty-year olds …. those fences around old-folks homes? they are to keep people out!, not in.

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