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Twitter Roundup: May 27 – Social media experts, take-aways from Ashoka’s panel at the World Bank, and a nutritious food cart

   /   May 27th, 2011News

Search for the hashtag #socent and you’ll find wide-ranging interest in social entrepreneurship on Twitter. Here’s a roundup of a few interesting tweets from the last week:

Developing enterprises for women through Islamic #microfinance Latest profile from #Pakistan #microfinance #socent

Microfinance organization CWCD has recently switched its model to focus entirely on Islamic enterprise development projects in Pakistan. This article outlines their approach and what they hope to achieve through these microfinance endeavors.

If you’ve been following the British government’s one-year-old Big Society program, you probably know that it’s not only controversial but also somewhat vague in terms of aims and accomplishments. This blog post provides a thought-provoking, critical overview of Prime Minister Cameron’s “relaunch” of the Big Society program.

Three Take-Aways from the Ashoka and World Bank Event: Public Goods through #SocEnt (via @TechChange) via @changemakers
New School Milano

Ashoka and the World Bank recently held an event on “Public Goods through Social Enterprise” that outlined the importance of creating hybrid value chains in order to deliver social impact. This informative article on TechChange provides a thoughtful summary of the panel’s main take-aways.

Why did a development organization go into the restaurant business in Jakarta? #socent
NY Times Fixes Blog

The NYTimes “Fixes” column reports on a brightly-colored food cart in Indonesia managed by a startup called KeBal, that’s bringing nutritious food to the streets of a food desert. The cart serves children and provides an educational experience for queued customers through signs about hand-washing, hands-on activities, and information about healthful living practices.

Why you should never, ever, hire a "social media expert"... I'm 100% with you on this one!! #socent #charity #innovation
Noam Kostucki

According to Business Insider’s (quite punchy) blogger, a social media “expert” is the opposite of an asset for an organization. Instead, social media should be part of any broader marketing campaign. No need for professionals to focus entirely on social media outreach, nor is it good to overemphasize its potentials.

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