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Twitter Roundup – June 3: Top five innovators in global development, sustainable fashion and engaging the BoP

   /   Jun 3rd, 2011News
Cool info on what makes for a successful internet start-up, much of which is relevant to #socent
Patrick Maloney

Not only is the concept behind the startup genome project impressive, but the story behind it is interesting as well – it was created by an 18 year-old who set out to organize and improve the entrepreneurial world. Max Marmer and his colleagues interviewed and analyzed over 650 brand-new web startups in order to generate the Startup Genome Report, a compilation of ideas about what makes startups successful.

Matchmaking That Works -- For Work: Building an Efficient Marketplace for Employment #EconOpp #socent
Ashoka Changemakers

Couldn’t we address unemployment through the powers of social media, wonders Changemakers’ blogger. Ashoka is currently running a global competition called Powering Economic Opportunity: Create a World that Works. They are soliciting fresh, market-based approaches to generating economic opportunity and creating jobs for vulnerable populations around the world.

Five exciting (small org) innovators in global development incl @sproxil @OneAcreFund @medic mobile. #socent in @GOOD
Alex Goldmark

Check out Good’s list of the Top Five Emerging Innovators in Global Development. From providing affordable eyeglasses to generating local energy sources to harnessing mobile technologies for rural health needs, these entrepreneurs are showing how innovation and investment can bring about significant advancement in remote and underserved areas.

RT @kylewestaway: Looking for a summer internship in #socent ? RT @theblindproject: The Blind Project Needs Interns! -
Cynthia Hellen

Summer internship alert! Contribute your social media or operational skills to The Blind Project’s new sustainable fashion venture, Biographe. The Blind Project works to combat sex trafficking in Southeast Asia, and their new line of t-shirts allows victims of this crime to tell their stories through silkscreen prints.

Why Should Your Company Engage the #BoP? A Practical Guide to Decision-making #socent #bopbiz

NextBillion provides a thorough argument for why large corporations should engage with people at the base of the pyramid (BoP). It’s clear that corporations benefit from including poor people as consumers. One wonders, though, how the impact of these corporations is being measured, either internally or externally, or if at all.

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