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Twitter Roundup: July 8 – Critiques of impact investment, Kantian MBAs, and sustainability metrics

   /   Jul 8th, 2011News

Search for the hashtag #socent and you’ll find wide-ranging interest in social entrepreneurship on Twitter. Here’s a roundup of a few interesting tweets from the last week:

RT @echoinggreen: .@LaraGalinsky: #socent should mirror more the diversity of communities they serve.
Kyle Westaway

This interview on Echoing Green, with their senior vice president, sheds light on the emergence of the social entrepreneurship field and exposes some of the successes and challenges the movement is encountering today. The interview also shows how the spread of information, combined with supportive fellowship programs like the one Echoing Green offers, have created a robust class of social entrepreneurs, who are now working hard to ensure the long-term sustainability of their work.

RT @Fireign: Firms urged to fuse corporate, social interests #socent #CSR
Give to Get Jobs

The corporate world is taking a cue from social enterprises and finding that a social component can make a business better. A report recently released by CECP and Accenture advises corporations on the strategic and profitable advantages involved in focusing on social problems. provides a thorough run-down of the report’s findings and recommendations.

If you want to invest in a company that practices sustainability, you generally have to rely on the company’s self-made image to make that judgment. But that’s not a very scientific way to determine a company’s sustainability. CRD Analytics recognized this problem and created a system for evaluating how a company performs against environmental, social, and governance metrics, as Financial Advisor reports. For now they have only aggregated the data for a small percentage of publicly-traded companies, but they are taking a rigorous approach to measurement, which the article explains in detail.

TY for all the RTs everyone! #impactinvesting debate continues the Big Idea page. Pls let your voice b heard. #socent

Things are not as simple as they seem – and impact investment, often lauded as the way forward for social entrepreneurs – is no exception. This interview on NextBillion with Ashoka’s Europe director explores the cracks in impact investment and stands as a warning to its uncritical proponents.

How have MBA programs embodied Kantian ideals? #socent
Social Innovation

This SSIReview writer applies a philosophical approach to the advent of social entrepreneurship tracks in MBA programs across the country. His analysis suggests that we, as a society, are renegotiating some of the foundations of capitalism. No longer self-interested individuals in the vein of Adam Smith’s economics, business students are becoming Kantians, looking to their fellow citizens in a spirit of cosmopolitanism.

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