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Twitter Roundup: July 22 – Lessons from failure, debating citizen journalism, and SocEnt career paths

   /   Jul 22nd, 2011News
Search for the hashtag #socent and you’ll find wide-ranging interest in social entrepreneurship on Twitter. Here’s a roundup of a few interesting tweets from the last week:

Whether you’re new to Twitter or trying to bolster your connections, check out Halogen TV’s list of Top Twitterers for Social Change to receive great SocEnt tweets. It has helpful, brief descriptions of what kinds of tweets each Twitterer puts out.

A must read for #socent folks & others. Thoughts? RT @MaddockDouglas: 10 Reasons Your Next Launch Will Fail.
Seth Cohen

For a fresh angle on startup ideas, read this blog post, “Ten Reasons Your Next Launch Will Fail.” Its negativity is not only humorous but also informative -  check your work against the list to see if you’re doing anything wrong.

PlsRT: Need funding? We're now taking Expressions of Interest - #socent
Venture Commons

UK-based venture capital provider Venture Commons is soliciting requests from social entrepreneurs who need funding. They are offering convertible loans, which only have to be repaid if a venture is successful – if it is not, the debt is converted to equity. This is an experimental funding scheme so risk is involved, but it’s an interesting method for social enterprise funding.

RT @OpenSociety: Does citizen journalism mean better journalism? #citizenmedia #socent
Ashoka Changemakers

“Citizen journalism” has become a catchphrase of the Internet era, signaling reporting from the ground-up, and often with a cause or investigative aim. But, the Soros Foundation asks, do we know whether it is good or effective? Their report, “Citizen Journalism and the Internet: An Overview,” provides fascinating insight into what citizen journalism is as well as arguments for and against its recent proliferation in the digital age.

TheGuardian Article: Are recent graduates choosing social enterprise as a viable career path? #socent
Jocelyn Ling

Is social entrepreneurship becoming a viable career path, or “are we preaching to the choir?” wonders Tiana Reid, editor and community manager of, in this personal reflection published in The Guardian. Faced with the variety of directions one can follow upon graduating from college, the author considers the likelihood that young people can pursue a full-time social enterprise career with the same kind of job security that a corporate job would provide.

Impact Investing: We're still a long way to go, but this is an exciting start! #socent via @sylviaventura
Vallabh Rao

Heard all the hype about impact investment? Here’s an article that sums up some of the current discourse surrounding this unique form of financing. The main thread: we don’t know enough about impact investment or its results to judge its effectiveness accurately, but there’s reason to be optimistic, especially as the field becomes more transparent and data-driven.

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