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Twitter Roundup: July 15 – Innovation schools, humane economics, and entrepreneurial advice

   /   Jul 15th, 2011News

Search for the hashtag #socent and you’ll find wide-ranging interest in social entrepreneurship on Twitter. Here’s a roundup of a few interesting tweets from the last week:

Must read! RT @CynthiaHellen: The world of social entrepreneurship is, in many ways, in its own Middle Ages. #socent
Stacy McCoy

Where did social entrepreneurship come from – and how do we know it’s actually going somewhere? These important questions merit thoughtful, critically-minded answers. This article on’s technology page does an excellent job of working through the question of social entrepreneurship’s evolution, including success stories, potential, and limitations.

RT @HubBayArea: You are an entrepreneur with a new idea? Here are some ways to creatively fund a new venture! #SocEnt
SOCAP Markets

This is a brief, helpful article on’s blog about financing a new venture. It’s meant to encourage female would-be entrepreneurs to jump into a project, but the advice is relevant for everyone.

Building a Humane Economy. Social entrepreneurs: You in? via @HuffingtonPost #socent via @33needs

In light of the Humane Society’s recent headway in forging an agreement with the egg industry on a friendlier environment for hens, Josh Tetrick blogs at Huffington Post about the “Humane Economy,” suggesting that society is becoming more empathetic.

You may be familiar with the charter school model, which allows independently-run schools to receive state funds in exchange for maintaining high standards. Now, a new model called “innovation schools” is set to pilot this fall in Boston. These schools will aim to close the achievement gap between students of different backgrounds. Unfortunately it’s hard to tell from this article exactly how they will do that, as the journalist only mentions that school programs will target the “emotional and social well-being” of students.

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