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Twitter Roundup: February 4 – The crowd(source) goes wild, startup inspiration, and social enterprises at the Superbowl

   /   Feb 4th, 2011News

Search for the hashtag #socent and you’ll find wide-ranging interest in social entrepreneurship on Twitter. Here’s a roundup of a few interesting tweets from the last week:

Big ideas, big results: Nominations open for 2011 PopTech Social Innovation Fellows - #socent

Nominations are open now through March 31st for PopTech’s Social Innovation Fellows program. Between ten and twenty winning world-changers will have the opportunity to attend a five-day, all-expense paid training program, as well as the annual PopTech conference, where they can present their projects to attendees.

33needs Helps Do-Gooder Startups Crowdsource Their Funding - #socent

The crowdsourced funding craze is picking up steam. Newly launched 33needs is a site where socially-minded startups can raise initial seed funding from individual contributors on the Web. Social startups post their funding goals and explain their mission and business plan. Users invest $10 - $1000 and get a promised percentage of revenues over a specified period of time.

RT @endeavorbrasil: site gathers #inspirational #quotes from big entrepreneurs in the business world! #SocEnt
THE event for SocEnt

Get a daily dose of inspiration from StartUp Quote, where prominent entrepreneurs like FourSquare founder Dennis Crowley and Google co-founder Larry Page are displayed as bobbing heads sharing snippets of wisdom – a fun way to start out the day.

Wharton School of Business to integrate social enterprise into all major classes - #socent
Sally Peters

The social entrepreneurship trend is making its way into the halls of prestigious business schools like the Wharton School. The top-ranked program plans to roll out a new curriculum for its MBA students in 2012 that integrates social enterprise into its core classes.

Pepsi dumps Super Bowl ads in favour of #socialmedia and social enterprise #socent” tx to @linzomatic cc: @ixyyc

In an attempt to boost the brand’s image, Pepsi’s Refresh Project will use precious, and expensive, Super Bowl air time to run a contest to fund social media projects. Voting began on February 1, and the projects that receive the most votes will be funded by Pepsi, which expects to spend $20 million to fund thousands of projects.

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