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Twitter Roundup: February 18 – New Facebook tools, career opportunities for changemakers, and the entrepreneur’s psychology

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Search for the hashtag #socent and you’ll find wide-ranging interest in social entrepreneurship on Twitter. Here’s a roundup of a few interesting tweets from the last week:

After over three decades under the rule of Mubarak, Egypt has entered a new era — one that will hopefully lead to greater freedom for its citizens. The changes were assisted by the information-spreading powers of social media like Facebook and Twitter. One of the Egyptian protestors’ main grievances against Mubarak was the lack of economic opportunities under his governance.’s writers suggest that an economic and entrepreneurship revolution must be a priority for the next government.

It’s a tough job market. But there are still ways that young changemankers can put their passions to good use professionally. Mrim Boutla of the More Than Money League, writing for AuthorsGlobe, shares a few tips for diving into the socially responsible business, social enterprise, and nonprofit sectors. The interesting news is that, according to research, these sectors are growing despite the recession, indicating that better management practices are proving to be profitable for businesses.
Five ways the new Facebook Pages can benefit your business via @thenextweb #SocEnt
Bob Northey
One of Facebook’s recent changes is that you can now create a profile as a business, rather than an individual. NextWeb lists ways this could have an impact on business networking. Your business can now “like” things, comment on other pages, “friend” other businesses, and have a public comment wall. The new homepage photo layout is also an opportunity to display products.
Fascinating contrast between corporate executives & #entrepreneurs. What creates the divide? #socent #mgmt #innovation
Echoing Green
Based on a study of business executives and founders, Saras Sarasvathy, a professor at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business, concluded that entrepreneurs and executives rely on different kinds of reasoning. Some of it is surprising. For instance, many of the entrepreneurs claimed that they had no business plan before starting up, and additionally they find market research unnecessary.
Social entrepreneurship attracts a lot of hero worship but is there something to measure the impact?
Beyond Profit

There’s a lot of hype about social entrepreneurship — so it’s important to know when groups are really achieving impact. BeyondProfit looks at ways of measuring the impact of social enterprise through social metric reporting.

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