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Twitter Roundup – December 24: Fast food competitions, the food safety act and a better food pyramid

   /   Dec 24th, 2010Education, Environment, Food, News

Search for the hashtag #socent and you’ll find wide-ranging interest in social entrepreneurship on Twitter. Here’s a roundup of a few interesting tweets from the last week:

RT @GreenBiz General Motors Turns Gulf Coast Oil Booms Into Chevy Volt Parts
Chevrolet Volt

Here’s a story that brings together lots of the hot topics of 2010: Chevrolet (@ChevyVolt) announced this week that their upcoming Volt electric car will include parts that are repurposed from the booms that helped clean up the BP oil spill. The plastic resin from the booms will be used to create air deflectors in the radiator in the entire first year’s run of the Volt production.

Have you pledged to support Yoxi's winner, The Udon Project? Help them reinvent #fastfood and we'll match up to $17,500!

Young startup Yoxi (@yoxi_play), which aims to find novel solutions to social issues through competitions, named the winner of its first contest this week. The competition hoped to reinvent fast food and involved three rounds. The winner is The Udon Project, which proposes a more friendly fast food restaurant that serves Pad Thai wraps and other healthy food on the go. Check out their final video.

After a hiccup a few weeks ago, the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act finally passed Congress this week, marking the first new food safety reform laws since the 1930s. Analysis at shows that the new laws will require much more frequent federal inspections of large farms and food producers and allow the FDA to issue mandatory food recalls for the first time. Food production has come a long way in 70 years, and it looks like our food laws are starting to catch up.

Better Food Pyramid Design Contest—Winner Unveiled!

In time for the weekend’s food-heavy holidays, GOOD (@GOOD) held a contest to find a better food pyramid, and this week, they named the winner. The winning design clearly lays out what we need to be eating more and less of, and integrates the issue of food production.

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