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Twitter Roundup: April 22 – contextual solutions, highly effective CEO habits, and social finance demand

   /   Apr 22nd, 2011News
Search for the hashtag #socent and you’ll find wide-ranging interest in social entrepreneurship on Twitter. Here’s a roundup of a few interesting tweets from the last week:
Why Many Social Problems are Entrepreneurial Problems on @forbes by @nathan_furr #socent
Vallabh Rao

Solutions are not universal, but rather contextual, argues Nathan Furr writing for the blog. He explains that entrepreneurs need to address problems as unique instances, by looking for cultural, economic, or geographic unknowns, and by avoiding making decisions based on assumptions.

very cool. RT @Justmeans Quantifying the Impact of a Social Enterprise #socent
The Clarity Project

Impact evaluation is crucial in enabling social enterprises to determine what works and what doesn’t. Building on methods previously tailored to evaluating nonprofit social work, the Roberts Enterprise Development Fund has created a paper that outlines a methodology for quantifying social returns on investments. The takeaway — evaluate cost savings and revenue contributions tied to a person’s employment within a social enterprise.

Grt read! Is discomfort your comfort zone? The 5 Habits of Highly Effective CEOs (and social entrepreneurs?) #socent
Jocelyn Ling

New York Times columnist Adam Bryant conducted interviews with 70 CEOs to find out what makes leaders successful. Here he outlines five of the essential habits that create strong heads of companies and organizations.

Want to Change the World? Start a Social Enterprise! Learn about the Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Series: #socent
Axiom News

If you want to start a social enterprise, then check out the Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Series that YES! is offering. It’s a two-part series and the first part, consisting of interviews with prominent social entrepreneurs, is free, while the second session is available for a fee.

New research maps supply and demand for social finance #socent #innovation - interesting article!

The social finance market has been the subject of much discussion in both the UK and the US, as people watch to see how effectively social finance solves social problems. Now, a new research report details the extent of investors’ interest in social finance in the UK.

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  1. WOW – What a gold mine of ideas and people on a mission. Can I join – but more important to me, I am on a mission, is will you join me in launching a for-profit people first RescueMe service. Press Releases and access to services will be another few days – but have a look and connect us with the people we need to go global qucikly – Tweeter knows how to do it – FaceBooks knows how to support our SafeTPathFinder services, others have the Global infrastructure to support localization, crowdsupport, live resources for responding to needs for comfort, care, assistance, deterrence….let me know. Mo Mo Bjornestad