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#SummerImpact Contest! August 2-6

   /   Aug 2nd, 2010News, Tech

Ahh, summer. Makes us think about barbecues, beaches, and… social innovation!

Yeah, that’s right—social innovation. Dowser wants to know how you’re building a better world this summer.  What purpose-driven projects will you be carrying out over the next few balmy months? And with whom?

Whether it’s in your own neighborhood or in a far-off land, an internship, fellowship, job or class, we want to hear from you. Why? Because we think your story can provide guidance and inspiration to others.

Tweet your story with hashtag #SummerImpact to @dowserDOTorg. We’re compiling every #SummerImpact response in real time here on Dowser from today through August 6.  The five coolest responses will receive a $30 gift certificate to Amazon.  And, we’ll highlight the winners’ experiences on Dowser. Winners will be announced mid-August. Spread the word!

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Graphic by Dwayne Lutchna

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