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Quoted: Van Jones on right-wing attacks as friendly fire

   /   Apr 12th, 2010News

Civil rights activist and serial social entrepreneur, Van Jones, resigned last September as the White House Special Advisor for Green Jobs in the wake of Glenn Beck’s attack on his patriotism. In a recent Grist interview, he reflects on a year in which all his “dreams and…nightmares came true” and looks ahead at a political consensus forming around a green economy.

What I try to remember is that the whole country’s going through a process. We’re going to be a very different country in 20 years. That brings up a lot of fear and a lot of anger. People on both sides of the political spectrum are going to make mistakes. In my heart, I see these noisy attacks on me as friendly fire. These are my fellow countrymen and women, who don’t want to see this country continue to suffer. I feel exactly the same way.

Photo: Theo Rigby for TheĀ  New York Times

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