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Mashable Social Good Summit: Day 1

   /   Sep 20th, 2011News

The Mashable Social Good Summit, a four-day conference on tech and social change hosted by Mashable, the UN Foundation, Ericsson and the 92Y, kicked-off on Monday in New York City.

All week, you can watch the event on livestream, find updates on Twitter with the hashtag #SocialGood or follow @amandablair, our Digital Editor, for tweets with a Dowser-slang.

I attended Monday afternoon, and though several interesting topics were discussed (which I live-tweeted), here I want to highlight three can’t-miss announcements from Monday:

  1. Ami Dar, Founder and Executive of, unveiled the new The site intends to help people understand what’s holding them back from doing more, and is actually focused on bringing people together in person rather than solely communicating online.
  2. Howard Buffet announced the launch of the Learning By Giving Foundation, which will support the study of philanthropy at the undergraduate level by offering $10,000 grants to classes for distribution to nonprofit organizations.
  3. USAID Administrator Raj Shah announced the beginning of Famine, War, Drought (FWD), a new campaign from USAID that will focus on relief for, as you may guess, famine, war, and drought. The campaign will allow for donations to be made through text messages.

Stay tuned for updates from the Social Good Summit later in the week.

2 Responses

  1. [...] This week, Mashable, the UN Foundation and 92Y are hosting a Social Good Summit – a four-day event to facilitate conversation about tech and social change. See three can't-miss announcements from Day 1 here. [...]

  2. Julia Smith says:

    Hi Rachel, Thanks so much for including Ami’s announcement here. I’m at the summit today and part of tomorrow if you’d like to try to meet up. @idealist or feel free to email me – it would be great to say hello. Thanks again!