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How to ‘Work Wikily’: Monitor Institute webinar this Tuesday

   /   Jun 7th, 2010News, Tech

The idea of microfinance took 30 years to spread from one village to global recognition. I often wonder how much that process could have been accelerated with today’s communications technologies. And I wonder: What are the key principles and the strategies that work best?

The Monitor Institute has been looking into this question for three years, conducting pilot programs to test social media tools, and interviewing more than 200 experts. Consultants Diana Scearce, Gabriel Kasper and Heather McLeod Grant (the latter co-authored the book Forces for Good), have recently published an article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review which they have titled Working Wikily. It describes “an emerging leadership style” that is “characterized by greater openness, transparency, decentralized decision making, and collective action” and outlines five reasons for pursuing it: weaving community, accessing diverse perspectives, building and sharing knowledge, mobilizing people, and coordinating resources and action.

They’ve launched a website devoted to the subject and will be holding a Webinar for those who want to learn more tomorrow, Tuesday, June 8, at 2 p.m. (EDT).

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