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First Person: Matt Gunn of the Haitian Youth Development Center

, , , ,    /   Mar 12th, 2012Education, Interviews

Matt Gunn, a 34-year-old elementary teacher from Logan, Utah built a living quarters and school for orphans in Leogane, Haiti. He partners with other organizations so that the orphanage has a self-sustaining revenue stream. Here he discusses the hard choices he’s had to make as a social entrepreneur.

Dowser: What’s something concrete and tangible you’ve learned in the last three months?
Gunn: Not to lose sight of your goals/objectives- stick to your game plan.  This is very difficult when you are surrounded by people in need and see so many worthy opportunities to help.  Sometimes you have to put on blinders to the suffering and pleas for help and have tunnel vision toward the most important objective that you have identified.

What is a mistake or mishap you’ve learned from?

I hired too many workers for a job that didn’t require so many because it was too difficult for me to turn good people down that were in need of a job. It has cut into our budget and produced an inefficient system.

Photo courtesy of Matt Gunn

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