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DoGooder: Change the world through advertising? There’s an app for that…

   /   May 14th, 2010News, Tech

What if, instead of seeing banner ads for reality TV shows or credit cards, you saw ads of your own choosing that encouraged a sustainable lifestyle? Sounds like a bunch of do-gooder propaganda, eh? Well, that’s because it is – literally.

DoGooder is a free web browser plug-in that allows you to replace the advertising on websites you frequent with ads and messaging more aligned with your personal values (read: progressive and green). When you click on the green-leaning ads with messages like “donate your old phone” or “support urban farms,” you get to choose a social cause to receive the money generated from your online activity. It’s no small sum, either: DoGooder donates 50% of its profits – gleaned from ad purchasing by companies and nonprofits whose products and causes are hawked through DoGooder to green and progressive advocacy organizations.

The DoGooder model is equipped to accommodate large numbers of end users and advertisers. Should end users tire of seeing socially-conscious advertising, they can opt out of DoGooder for certain sites. Or, with a quick right-click, they can disable the plug-in for the duration of their browsing session.

DoGooder ‘s founder and head geek Faisal Sethi believes his company “helps people transition from social and consumer pacifists to social and consumer activists.”

3 Responses

  1. Nikola says:

    I think that this is a very smart move towards using advertising in a more responsible way; but still making it personal and an option. I’m wondering if there is a smart phone version in the works? I know that Apple is introducing iAds which are integrated advertisements on your iPhone; you can interact with them etc. I see a great potential for DoGooder to move into the smart phone domain where the audience gets a chance to interact with a particular ad by learning about the organization through video or a game. Maybe they get info about how their view has helped, etc.

    • Nikola,

      Many thanks for your thoughtful response and insight. We are happy to say a mobile version is on our development roadmap. We are definitely excited to introduce it to the smart phone market, and looking forward to the positive impact it will have on our communities, non-profits, charity organizations and our end-users. Take care, and thanks for doing good. :)

  2. ivan says:

    This is a game-changer for sure. DoGooder, you will win awards for this. Are you sure it’s legal? :)