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CafeImpact: How to Network Yourself like a Pro

   /   May 31st, 2013Business

Networking begins with being selfish; yes, be a selfish listener. Build relationships with everyone; use your tattoos; listen first; focus on the other person; be authentic; know yourself; avoid the canned pitch.

Jonathan Lewis brings together nonprofit leaders and social entrepreneurs in his new series, Cafe Impact. ┬áIn this segment, they hit on the popular but rather contested topic – what’s the best way to network without overdoing it.

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2 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing these networking gems with people. Obviously, the message is authenticity, but personally I love the tattoo tip.

  2. Joe Hunt says:

    I enjoyed the video and agree that good listening skills are critical. But, I think that the underlying key to being a successful listener and networker is in approaching these networking opportunities with proper mindset. I often hear people say they feel disingenuous when they network. That seems to come from the expectation that they are there to get business, and have no interest in meeting someone new and developing a relationship. The perfect connection might be with another parent, or fellow golfer who shares a common interest and with whom you can find some kinship. A trusting relationship precedes any opportunity for business. As your guests told us, what “pissed them off” were people who were just geared up to give their pitch without establishing any personal connection.