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Blended Profit Chats with Impact Investor Bob Pattillo

Feb 11th, 2013Audio Slideshows, Business, Interviews


Brian Weinberg of Blended Profit speaks with Bob Pattillo in a new series of interviews and podcasts about growing the “good economy.”


Bob Pattillo is an entrepreneur. He likes to start stuff. Some folks find him permanently outside the box. In real estate he pioneered the “STCDE” shell, a special building concept that took Robert Pattillo Properties to 8th on the list of the largest industrial developers in the United States. He began working in microfinance in 1998 and sold a 54 year old business in 2003 to focus solely on impact investment and enterprise development.

At that time, Pattillo founded the Gray Ghost Ventures microfinance fund, a $69m fund that focuses on regional equity microfinance funds that supply start-up and expansion capital to microfinance institutions around the world. Today, Gray Ghost Ventures has over $125 million under management. In 2006, Pattillo began investing in social enterprise through his Foundation, and eventually launched a sister fund known as First Light Ventures; which invests in life insurance, cell phone technology, off grid lighting, and other enterprises that contribute to the well-being of low income communities in emerging markets and has coinvested alongside Acumen Fund, the Omidyar Network, and Shell Foundation. He was also involved in organizing the Global Impact Investing Network, IDEX Fellowship, and Village Capital.

Pattillo was awarded Georgia Tech’s inaugural Allen Prize, Unreasonable Institute Mentor, and has been named one of Forbes’ Top 30 social entrepreneurs of 2011. He has also served as a Director of ACCION International, MicroVest, and as an Advisor to the Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship at MIT.

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  1. John Kimani says:

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