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Esha Chhabra, Editor
Esha is a recent graduate of the London School of Economics where she served as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship and completed her Master’s in Global Politics. Through her association with Rotary, she’s become deeply involved in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, traveling to India numerous times for immunization rounds and writing about it for publications back home in the US.   In addition, she’s a freelance writer and speaker who’s been focusing on social enterprises, innovations in the third sector, and the power of technology for development.



David Bornstein, Co-Founder
David co-writes The New York Times Fixes column, which explores solutions to social problems. He is the author of How to Change the World, The Price of a Dream and Social Entrepreneurship (with Susan Davis). David started Dowser to provide a place for young journalists to practice “solutions journalism” — thoughtful, clear-eyed (non-fluffy) reporting that looks at creative responses to social problems.

Rachel Signer
Rachel Signer is a freelance journalist and educator, with a background in sociocultural anthropology, based in Brooklyn, NY. Her interests include social entrepreneurship, design-thinking strategies, Africa, Latin America, and urban inequality.

Leora Fridman
Leora Fridman is a writer, translator and educator living in Massachusetts. Her recent poems, stories and nonfiction are included in Denver Quarterly, H_NGM_N,  Dowser, The Jerusalem Post, and others. Find out more at

Jen Haley

Jen is a Knight-Bagehot Fellow at Columbia Business School. Prior to diving into 10Ks and estimating free cash flows, Jen was a business news producer for CNN for the past decade. She was involved with producing and directing daily and breaking news stories on the economy and how it affects people. She also reported and wrote articles and blogs for and For more information go to

Jonathan Kalan

Jonathan Kalan, Founder of The (BoP) Project, is a photojournalist, writer, and (aspiring) social entrepreneur. A graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara. In just 23 years he has traveled to over 33 countries, lived and worked in Asia and Africa, and simultaneously pursued careers in social business development and photojournalism.  He is currently based in East Africa, covering social enterprises, technologies, innovations, and BoP markets. Reach him at

Tamara Schweitzer

Tamara Schweitzer is a freelance journalist based in Brooklyn with a focus on social enterprise and sustainability in business. She also works with start-ups and social ventures as a communications consultant and strategist. Reach her at


We think of Dowser as a launchpad for journalists or communicators who are interested in solutions journalism — or problem-solving in general. We are proud of the ongoing accomplishments of the wonderful colleagues who have contributed to building the site and filling it with stories.

Manuel Rosaldo, Co-Founder
Manuel Rosaldo is a doctoral student in sociology at UC Berkeley, focusing on social innovation, social movements, and economic development. He is currently researching waste collector cooperatives in South America.


Emily Spivack, Co-Founder

Emily Spivack’s work spans social innovation, culture, and fashion. Prior to her current position as the editor-in-chief of PopTech, a network of world-changing people, projects, and ideas, Emily was the director of Dowser. She is the editor of Sentimental Value, an online collection of anecdotes people tell about clothing in eBay posts, and Worn Stories, a collection of stories about clothing and memory.  Emily founded Shop Well with You, a body-image resource for women with cancer.
Blair Hickman, Digital Editor
Blair Hickman is a digital strategist and multimedia journalist, specializing in writing, social media and adapting journalism to the web. She has done web work for PBS’ Women War and Peace, and her work has also appeared in Jezebel, The New York Daily News, Mediaite, The Chattanooga Pulse, The Lost Girls and Prospect: An Anthology of Creative Nonfiction. She co-founded Casseroles for Cancer, a 12,000-mile philanthropic road trip in partnership with FOX-WDSI. She also lived for a while in Prague, cavorted around Guatemala, learned to scuba dive in Honduras and has been to every state except Alaska. She has a B.A. in Creative Nonfiction from Brown University and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Digital Journalism and Web Innovation at NYU’s Studio20.

Namita Mody, Social Media
Nami Mody is a junior at NYU’s Stern School of Business pursuing a minor in Social Entrepreneurship. She has previously worked at Pencils of Promise and currently serves as the Marketing Design Chair of Net Impact‘s undergraduate chapter at NYU. She is interested in anything and everything that lies in the intersection of doing good and doing business.